Speedons: From Star Wars to Zelda, charity speedruns begin tonight!

news event Speedons: From Star Wars to Zelda, charity speedruns begin tonight!

Speedons is an annual French event that brings together speedrunners to raise funds for the NGO Médecins du Monde. The 2022 edition starts tonight.

Organized by Doctors of the World and embodied by MisterMVSpeedon’s charity marathon of speedrunners starts its second edition This year. Speedon’s 2022 starts tonightwe present you the schedule.

Speedons is this weekend!

This second edition will take place at Palais des Congrès de Paris, from tonight 5:30 p.m. to Sunday midnight. As with the American Games Done Quick, you can join the sequence of speedruns performed live on Twitch by some of the most talented players at their games of choice. The event is above all an opportunity to raise money for the association Médecins du Monde, which organizes the event. last year is 614,000 euros collected by the NGO during the event.

The schedule is tight, with 47 speed runs are planned over the three days. Also new this year: the draw speedthat is, quick drawing done by the artists Njo, slanmetha and Dzoho. Mr MV is accompanied by several animators with him to comment on the runs: let’s mention realmyop that you know well on this page because you have presented them speed game (chronicle on the subject of speedrun) a few years ago, lay and Hugo Delire who commented on speedruns on LeStream, but also DamDam, ZeratoR, Aelthan, Chachamaxx, Yamato, shishyu

Under the official schedule for planned speedrunswith the games, the speedrunners and the type of running:

Note that too MisterMV will host speakers from Doctors of the World on a tray. They will, of course, talk together about the event, but more importantly about Doctors of the World’s local actions and how the funds raised will be used afterwards. Five interventions are planned : Friday at 5:30 p.m. to start the event, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. between Dishonored 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. between Rockman 4 BCAS and Metroid Dread, Sunday at 2 p.m. between Mushihimesama and Celeste and finally Sunday from 11pm at the end of the event.

You can donate during the event through the dedicated Twitch channels and in particular that of MisterMV. Also, you can shop at the official store, donate and get an additional prize. Speedons starts tonight at 5:30pm on MisterMV’s channel.

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