“Thank you for being mine”: the ex-“Bachelorette” Maxime shows his new

“Thank you for being mine”
Former “Bachelorette” Maxime shows off his new

News in love with Maxime Herbord: After his flop with the finalist Raphaël, the ex-“Bachelorette” is once again happily forgiven. A mysterious video on Instagram shows Herbord making out with the new man by her side.

Maxime Herbord is taken back. The former “Bachelorette” shared a video on Instagram in which she kisses a man. However, only the shadows of both are visible. For now, she has not revealed who the new man at her side is. Underneath her post, the 27-year-old simply wrote, “Thank you for being mine.”

Many congratulations have already been collected in the comments under your post. Former “Bachelor” Niko Griesert, 2017 “Bachelor” winner Clea-Lacy Juhn, 2020 “Bachelorette” Melissa Damilia, and one of the 2018 “Bachelor” candidates Yeliz Koc are happy , about the happy love of the couple.

Last summer, Maxime Herbord offered his last rose to Raphael Fasching as a “Bachelorette”. However, the two were not blessed with long-term love: a relationship never materialized. It is said that Herbord only chose the pro forma winner without feeling anything for him. While they were still getting to know each other, they called other former contestants on the show, the contestants claimed on the season’s reunion show. But now Fasching is also congratulating the ‘Bachelorette’ ex on love happiness: “All the best,” he captioned his post.

It also triggered with Raphaël

Not only is Maxime Herbord taken over, Raphaël Fasching also has a new woman by his side: Kim-Denise Lang, who fought for the heart of “Bachelor” Niko Griesert in 2021. In their first joint interview, they confided to RTL in March met by chance – at the birthday party of ex-Bachelorette candidate Lars Maucher in Stuttgart.

The long-distance relationship between Austria and Germany is “going well”, with the two seeing each other almost every weekend, Lang said. However, that won’t be the case any longer: “I would love to move in with Kim this year,” Fasching revealed. The two had “an incredible amount in common”, he enthused – such as a love of photography.

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