The Google Pixel 6 Pro has the best smartphone camera

The ComputerBase community has decided: the Google Pixel 6 Pro has the best smartphone camera among the seven smartphones selected in the two-part blind test with a total of 16 patterns. The smartphone trumps daytime recordings. The last place is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In two blind tests, on April 1 and April 8, the ComputerBase community was asked to evaluate a total of 16 patterns from previously anonymous smartphones and choose a winner for each entry. In the first part, only the photos taken during the day were compared with each other, in the second part, in addition to three other photos taken during the day, five motifs taken at night were also taken part.

Today follows the dissolution of previously unknown smartphones and the evaluation of the results. First of all: as many readers have already guessed, the photos were presented in both articles in random order, so that, for example, photo 1 was not always taken with the same smartphone .

These smartphones participated

The following smartphones participated in both blind tests:

The “*” in the appended title of the “best” smartphone camera therefore refers to the selection of smartphones, the selected designs and the preferences of the ComputerBase community. With a mix of other smartphones, compact cameras as a “reference”, other subjects and other voters, the result would potentially have been different.

The results at a glance

The results in detail

First, the figures show that a total of 20,906 votes were cast, plus 2,789 active abstentions. The editors would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the community for their active participation.

Of all the votes cast, the Google Pixel 6 Pro got 5,414 votes or 25.9% and thus the overall victory. The lead over the second-best smartphone, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, is an impressive 10 percentage points. The Oppo Find X5 Pro comes third with 13%. In the positions behind, it is a little closer to the goal. Fourth place goes to the Huawei P50 Pro with 12.9%, fifth place to the OnePlus 10 Pro with 11.6% and sixth place to the Xiaomi 12 Pro with 10.5%. Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes in last with only 10% of votes.

Landslide victory from the start for Google

It’s impressive to see how the Pixel 6 Pro takes the overall victory, especially with a landslide victory of the first seven out of eight daylight shots. Limited to all shots in broad daylight, the smartphone comes first in eight out of eleven cases, sometimes with a blatant lead, reaching 4,709 or 29.9% of the vote. This is almost twice as many votes as for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which also takes 2nd place in this discipline according to the overall score.

Editors credit the Pixel 6 Pro’s huge lead to Google’s superior HDR and AI automatic post-processing. The Pixel 6 Pro hardly ever has any overexposed or underexposed image areas. The segmentation into individual image areas and their various intensive treatments work perfectly. The smartphone also scores points with white balance, colors and sharpness.

The eleven winning photos per day

The company no longer gives up the clear lead that Google already had during the day when it comes to night shots, although it no longer scores a single victory there. Google’s automatic night mode didn’t fare badly at all, as the Pixel 6 Pro took 2nd place and three 3rd places among the five night shots. In the end, only 705 or 13.7% of the votes go to Google, which is enough for 5th place.

Apple takes a narrow victory on the night

While a single smartphone still dominated daytime snaps, nighttime snaps are a collection of extremes with a colorful head-to-head race deciding individual snaps. Based on night shots alone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max wins with 920 or 17.9% of the votes. The Galaxy S22 Ultra follows closely with 17.6% and Oppo Find X5 Pro with 17%. The Xiaomi 12 Pro with 15.5% and the Pixel 6 Pro with 13.7% follow further behind. The Huawei P50 Pro follows at some distance with 11.1%, before the OnePlus 10 Pro brings up the rear with only 7.1%.

The five winning night photos

The extremes are shown at night in two particularly provocative photos: Motifs 14 and 15. One shows the red lighting of the Prater restaurant, the other a dark area of ​​the Kulturbrauerei, which is only and only lit by dazzling neon. RambaZamba theater sign which caused lens flare on many smartphones or could not be imaged at all.

At the Prater restaurant, the iPhone 13 Pro Max provides the least glare around the actual lighting, which seems to have particularly appealed to many readers, so it only gets 553 votes with this photo alone and therefore more 60% of all votes for this smartphone overnight. And because only the Galaxy S22 Ultra masters the combination of dark backyard and garish advertising in the Kulturbrauerei, it gets 541 votes here alone and thus also around 60% of all votes for this smartphone at night. For comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets a ridiculous 16 votes for the same photo.

Motif 14 and 15 – The extremes in comparison

It was these sometimes dramatic differences in voting for individual photos at night that ultimately led to the minimal lead and victory for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and second place for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which only saw no land during the day. However, the Samsung smartphone can no longer save itself. Only one 1st place, one 3rd place, four 4th places, two 5th places, three 6th places and a total of five 7th places speak a clear language and ultimately let the smartphone perform worse than any other device participating in the comparison – a bitter defeat for Samsung. The bad result refers to the variant available in Germany with an Exynos processor. The publishers didn’t have the US version with a Snapdragon chip and a different image processor.

P50 Pro (3.2%)
P50 Pro (3.2%)
iPhone 13 Pro Max (54.5%)
iPhone 13 Pro Max (54.5%)

It’s these extreme outliers of patterns 14 and 15 that are helping Apple and Samsung through the night. Without these special shots, the Xiaomi 12 Pro would have taken the evening victory with 593 votes ahead of the Pixel 6 Pro with 554 votes. In fact, only Xiaomi and Google deliver consistent results apart from one outlier each in night shots, while the other devices allow more and above all much greater fluctuations, especially downwards, but sometimes also downwards. increase, which is ultimately quite the case at Apple. for victory in the night.

OnePlus 10 Pro (1.0%)
OnePlus 10 Pro (1.0%)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (50.8%)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (50.8%)

The winner is the Google Pixel 6 Pro

The bottom line is that the Google Pixel 6 Pro is by far the winner during the day, but the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is not necessarily the winner at night, but in this particular test scenario. Xiaomi and Google are more likely to deliver consistently good quality at night. Overall, the Pixel 6 Pro has the best smartphone camera.

All recordings and associated polls can be reviewed on the next page.

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