Tom Kaulitz: Drastic Weight Loss With A Bizarre Hollywood Diet

According to his own statement, Tom Kaulitz has lost a lot of weight. Now he’s revealing what bizarre Hollywood diet helped him.

Wild mane, shaggy beard – musician Tom Kaulitz (33) isn’t necessarily known for being particularly conceited about his looks. Heidi Klum’s husband (48) seems to want to keep her slim body. In the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, which he records weekly together with his brother Bill Kaulitz (33), he now says that he has recently lost a lot of weight. A weird Hollywood diet is said to have helped him.

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Tom Kaulitz: With the “Master Cleanse” diet, he lost six kilos

He lost six kilograms in a very short time and currently weighs only 72 kilograms, reports Tom Kaulitz about his current success with customers. He owes it to the so-called “Master Cleanse” diet, he explains. It is a strict fasting regime in which you deprive yourself of solid foods for at least ten days. Instead, you’re allowed to drink up to six glasses of a special blend of lemon or lime juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper per day. Water, vegetable broth and laxative teas are also allowed. According to the developers, the cure should be completed after 40 days at the latest.

His wife Heidi Klum swears by the detox program

Tom Kaulitz seems to have been influenced by the prominent environment of his adopted city of Los Angeles. Hollywood stars like singer Beyoncé (40), actress Demi Moore (59) or his own wife, model Heidi Klum (48) swear by the strict detox program. No wonder, because the pounds drop extremely quickly due to radical starvation. However, this is one diet you should never try without consulting a doctor. Rapid weight loss promotes a strong yo-yo effect and is sometimes viewed quite critically by medical professionals.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz plan recovery together

However, he only recently noticed his loss while filling out a health form. The reason for this was a recovery cure that his wife Heidi Klum had planned for the two of them next summer. “I don’t know exactly what it is yet. Heidi wants to surprise me with it,” Tom Kaulitz told his brother Bill in the podcast. But it’s supposed to be a matter of sleep. The “Tokio Hotel” guitarist previously shared his serious sleep issues. We are curious if the two will let us participate in this special wellness journey.

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