Two young women and a child were found dead in a flat on rue Maberly in Amiens


LRue Maberly, in the activity zone of Montières, was closed by the police for much of the traffic this Friday afternoon. Residents were also unable to enter their homes. Around noon, the fire department intervened for a person who did not respond to calls to number 82 on the same street. The fire brigade entered the apartment through a ground floor window facing the street. There they made the macabre discovery: two young women under the age of 30 were found dead together with a small child.

A criminal investigation is opened. The criminal police are confiscated
“, underlines the prosecutor Alexandre de Bosschère, who confirms that the victims died”
violent death
Many investigators from the Lille and Creil Criminal Investigation Department were on site and conducted investigations at the property for much of the afternoon. They also combed two vehicles, an Opel van registered in the Somme and an Opel car from Pas-de-Calais that were parked on the street in front of the residence.

A public prosecutor’s office, the criminal police, the technical and scientific police and a coroner were dispatched to the scene and the sector was completely cordoned off for the whole afternoon. When asked, the inspectors of the criminal police refused to comment.

At least one victim was killed with a bladed weapon

According to our information, no shots were heard in the apartment. One of the victims may have been killed with a knife, another by suffocation. ”
There were few bloodstains at the scene, ruling out the possibility of a gun death. It looked more like a knife crime, at least to one of the victims. Another may have been strangled, but only forensic investigations will determine exactly how these three people were killed
‘ Said a source close to the investigation.

The criminal trail is therefore beyond doubt and is confirmed by the public prosecutor. Also according to our information, a person unfavorably known to the judiciary would be actively sought by the police.

The residents of 82 rue Maberly are not very talkative. ”
I left my accommodation this morning and didn’t notice anything. There are quite a few tenants here, but in general it was pretty quiet. There have never been any major problems
», Underlines a young man who admits not knowing his neighbors, the apartment where the three bodies were discovered. Another neighbor mentions the incessant coming and going of cars in the courtyard of the residence, especially late at night. ”
But when I heard this sad news, I have to admit that it shocked me. Three dead near my house, that’s unimaginable
“, emphasizes the man, who cannot return to his accommodation before closing time because the police investigation is still ongoing.

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