War in Ukraine: Russian state TV says conflict has ‘already become World War III’

After the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, the Moskva, Russia is in shock. One of the presenters of a state television program said in the middle of the program that the war in Ukraine had turned into a war against NATO.

Olga Skabeyeva, a staunch supporter of the Kremlin chief and a clear advocate of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, insisted on Thursday that Moscow is now at war with NATO. For them, the sinking of the cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea means that “special military operationPutin’s campaign, launched in February, had reached a new stage.

Russia reacts with hysteria to the sinking of its cruiser #Moscow

Propagandist Olga Skabeyeva called the “special operation” a world war.
Bomb attacks are heard on TV #Kiev and the railroad used by world leaders to come #Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/SiLL2j8Ptz

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The majority of the Russian population only has access to the Russian media, which mostly act as mouthpieces for Kremlin propaganda.

Olga Skabeyeva is precisely one of the flagship pro-Putin propagandists of Russian public television. The Russia 1 presenter said that “theRussia is now fighting not only against the weapons supplied by NATO, but also against the alliance itself“.

And to add that Western support for Ukraine amounted to direct conflict with Russia, it says: “the escalation that we’re seeing could well be described as World War III.” That’s pretty safe“.

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Russian officials have refused to acknowledge Kiev’s claims that the Moskva ship was sunk by Ukrainian cruise missiles, an operation that would be one of the greatest military successes since the invasion began.

But Kiev’s demands are enough to anger Moscow. The aggressive and belligerent tone of the speakers in this TV show is a testament to the changing Russian policy and vision towards Ukraine and the West. A guest on the show even compared the sinking of the Moscow River to an attack on Russian soil.

The bombings suffered last night on the Ukrainian capital, which was hit by rockets after several days of ceasefire, would certainly reflect the initial reaction of Vladimir Putin, who wants revenge for the destruction of the Mosvka ship.

Against an almost navally powerless opponent, Russia loses not only the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, but also a ship named after its capital, the armed wing of the missile attacks in the region. A serious blow to the Russian army, which could have serious consequences.

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