Warner wants to overtake the DCEU to compete with Marvel

Following the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, the company is now trying to regain control of its DC Extended Universe both in theaters and on HBO Max to resume the Marvel model.

Between the ashes of the Snyder verse and the Zack Snyder’s Justice League serving as an urn, the mysterious disappearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman, the suicide squad by David Ayer, the Micmac around The Flash and obscure projects as denied bat girl or the series justice league dark in preparation for HBO Max, the DCEU has not yet found its course. So less than a week after the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery – now united as Warner Bros. Discovery – the newly-led company David Zaslav would be thinking about it a complete overhaul by DC Entertainment According to a recent report by diversity.

The Flash, which should actually start everything again

A long-term project that would mainly involve redesigning the DCEU to take a more vertical approach to the universe to more closely align its content – the DC movies and series have so far been far too disparate and detached from one another – and to bring coherence and harmony back to the stable, following the perfectly oiled example of competitor Marvel.

Yes Spin-off series about supporting characters like peacemaker should therefore be preferred In the future it remains to be seen which series will please Superman & Lois, flashFrom where Batman – which are not part of the DCEU but of another shared universe – can certainly become. Same question for them joker by Joaquin Phoenix, who is staying quietly in his corner for the moment, or The Batverse on the Dark Knight by Robert Pattinson, which aims to create another microcosm with already two spin-off series in development on HBO Max and a sequel in discussion create.

Man of Steel: Photo by Henry CavillSuperman even became invisible

Therefore, in order to restore order to the various intellectual property rights, the new CEO would be in the process of listing the potential candidates for Oversee creation and direct commercial strategy like Kevin Feige at Marvel. Still after the article by diversityone of the candidates was Emma Watts, the former top executive at 20th Century Studios and Paramount, who apparently declined the position.

Even if the studio can congratulate itself on the successAquaman Or from wonder womanwould also be about putting the main characters back in the saddle, starting with Superman, that man of Steel by the DCEU, which was only entitled to one film in 2013 and has not changed into his costume since justice league from 2017. No indication has been given as to the future of Henry Cavill’s character, but Michael B. Jordan will produce a feature film starring a new Kryptonian and Superman named Val Zod.

No concrete decision has been made at the moment, but the DCEU should eventually review its strategy and start refocusing its productions in hopes of perhaps becoming a true expanded universe.

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