‘We got married in masks’: Emma de Caunes looks back on her enigmatic marriage to Jamie Hewlett

guest on this Thursday night of the show By the way on the occasion of the arrival of his series nine boys On Canal +, Emma de Caunes could not escape questions from journalist Nathalie Lévy about her private life. Tenderly discreet in that regard, the actress-director has agreed, for once, to discuss her 2011 wedding with the Gorillaz Group’s graphic designer, Jamie Hewlett.

A wedding that had taken place…hidden! In fact, the many photographers present on site in the southern village of Saint-Paul-de Vence were surprised to see the newlyweds and guests exit the town hall with white masks covering their entire faces. A good idea that had just been taken because of too many invaders. “But we would have liked to just get married We found a horde of paparazzi lining the hotel, the village where we got married in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. And my husband, he never asked to be front of stage, plus we see him pretty seldom” she explained to justify these masks that had surprised many.

A beautiful story that has been going on for ten years now and that began thanks to the music show that the young woman was hosting on Canal+ at the time. In fact, to welcome the members of the Gorillaz group, she had delved into the archives and fell in love with the discreet but talented graphic designer. “It’s true that we met because I saw interviews with him here to prepare the show to do my interviews for me and fell in love with the boyShe said. And even more so when I saw him in person!“And when the journalist asked her who made the first move, she confirmed it: she was the one.”went to contact“and even better…”It was I who proposed to him‘ she confided rather proudly.

If the graphic designer still doesn’t speak French today and therefore can’t act in his series, nine boys, she let her father play there, Antoine de Caunes, a presenter but also a more occasional actor and director. A memory of his first series, Nine chicks, in which she had decided to let her daughter Nina play. At the age of 19, the young girl, whose father is the singer Sinclair, gradually began her career.

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