Who goes, who stays: What could Emmanuel Macron’s future government look like if he is re-elected?

If elected on Sunday April 24, Emmanuel Macron will have to renew his ministers. We tell you what his government could look like.

If re-elected, Emmanuel Macron will have to renew his government, which currently consists of Prime Minister Jean Castex, 16 ministers, 15 delegate ministers and no fewer than ten secretaries of state. That’s a total of 41 posts, in addition to that of prime minister.

If some are already on their way out, others would keep their minister well and still others would return well for that second five-year term.

The ones who should go

Many of Emmanuel Macron’s ministers had almost packed their bags. Jean Yves Le DrianAccording to France Inter, he can give up his post in foreign policy, which he has held for five years, “unless the situation in Ukraine makes it necessary”.

Florence ParlyThe Federal Minister of Defense should also go.

The Minister of National Education, Jean Michel BlanquerHe is said to be leaving his ministry after a record turnout. His colleague, responsible for higher education, Frederique Vidal will also leave office.

Roselyne BachelotThe 75-year-old is also leaving Culture.

who wants to stay

Eric Dupond MorettiFrance Inter, which has never succeeded in defusing tensions with the judges, will certainly leave “without seeing the result of the” States General of Justice “started last October.

Mayor Bruno to the economy Oliver Veran would like to turn the covid page but stay on a different service.

Roxana Maracineanu would still like to be at the 2024 Olympics, perhaps as Olympic Minister, as was the case in Japan in 2020.

The ones that could stay

Gabriel AttalHe, government spokesman, could be among those who would take the rank.

the budget minister, Olivier Dusoptwho was a five-year socialist deputy at the beginning, or his colleague from Bercy, Agnes Pannier-Runacher, responsible for industry, both have the confidence of Emmanuel Macron. Will that be enough to stay in the next government?

the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandy and the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, are also likely to stay as they have been part of the first circle from the start.

Those who might return

There are several names circulating among those in their mid-thirties who could fit this: MPs Herve Berville (32 years old), Sacha Houlie (33 years), Aurora mountains (35 years), Jean Noël Barrot (38 years old).

Will he greet his last rallies with it: Francois Rebsamen, Eric Woerth, Christian Estrosi, Renaud Muselier ? Not sure because they don’t embody renewal.

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