Xur today – location and offers on 15.04.

In Destiny 2, Xur hasn’t had a bad surprise since Bungie tightened its screws. So he’s also on duty over the Easter weekend and will pop into a random location to bring you his Exotics. MeinMMO knows where to find the Space Easter Bunny and what it has to offer.

What happened in Destiny 2 this week? All raid challenges are now known, so players will soon be able to focus on the grandmaster variant of the raid. This is already in the starting blocks and will elevate raid challenges to a new level and provide improved loot.

Moreover, this performance in the raid was definitely worth seeing. The Vendetta player showed how to solo the 2nd encounter in the Oath of the Apprentice Raid. He skillfully balanced the various puzzle mechanics to ultimately achieve success and recognition from the community.

For fans of the exotic “Gjallarhorn” rocket launcher, things look bleak as dark clouds of stats brew on the horizon. Whether or not there will be a thunderstorm is still uncertain.

Lord Saladin is back in the Tower and setting the stage for Iron Banner.

All information about Xur on April 15, 2022 – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia

When does Xur arrive? Of course, Xur is also on duty during the holidays. He arrives punctually at 7 p.m. tonight and looks forward to your visit. You can then find the best Easter deals for him until Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Where is Xur located? This is his camp for the weekend

Xur’s stance: Its location is like Easter eggs: you never know where they might hide. We will therefore go on a search to let you know its exact position as soon as possible.

Xur’s inventory from 15.04 to 19.04 – All Exotics at a glance

What does Xur offer? Every week, Xur sells an exotic weapon and armor for all characters, including warlocks, hunters, and titans. We will also add to you later what exactly he has in his range.

Xur always has this with him: You can still get an Exotic Engram for 97 Legendary Xur Fragments, as well as the weekly quest for an Exotic Code.

It also gives you a unique roll for Exotics from Exotic Missions that are no longer available weekly since Witch Queen. He currently has both of these guns on sale every week.

  • The Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon
  • The Exotic Scout Rifle “A Dead Man’s Tale”

Weapons cost: For these two Exotics, the cost is 1 Ascendant Shard, 1 Exotic Code, 125,000 Glimmer, and 200 Legendary Shards.

Lord Saladin took his stand on the Iron Banner in the Tower

What about trials? Bungie changed the rotation of PvP modes so that when an Iron Banner is active, Trials of Osiris will not occur.

fate 2 iron banner
As of Tuesday, April 19, the Iron Banner is still active.

So you’ll have to forgo Saint-14 this weekend and play Iron Banner instead. Bungie wants to make sure the two activities don’t compete with each other and also provide variety.

Heading into the Iron Banner fray this holiday season? Or did Xur bring the exact Exo you were missing? Tell us in the comments.

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