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Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) have repeatedly clashed over the App Store and privacy – and the two may soon become hardware competitors as well. While Apple is readying its own AR/VR headsets and glasses, Meta also wants to launch AR glasses as early as 2024. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently inspired by Apple and is aiming for an “iPhone moment” for the product launch.

An expensive project

Quoting a former employee who worked on the project, a report from The Verge said “Zuckerberg’s ego is closely tied to the development of the new AR glasses.” The source added that Zuckerberg wanted it to be “an iPhone moment” when the AR glasses launch. He alludes to the great success of Apple, whose iPhone has shaped generations of smartphones.

But despite that hope and an ambitious timeline (Zuckerberg wants to launch his product in 2024), Meta is apparently still a long way from AR glasses becoming a reality. The report says Meta doesn’t have a “working, wearable prototype” of the glasses, only a “fixed demo station that sits on a table.”

Although Meta has already invested billions in the development of its AR glasses, internal sales expectations for the first version, aimed at early adopters and developers, are in the tens of thousands. Pricing has yet to be set, but the device will likely cost more than the company’s $299 Quest VR headset, as the material cost for the AR glasses would be several thousand dollars. The cost will test Zuckerberg’s willingness to subsidize the price of hardware to encourage adoption. At least that’s Meta’s competitive strategy, which is partly aimed at undermining the profit margins of other players like Apple.

In addition to high-end AR glasses, internally called “Nazare”, Meta is also developing low-cost AR glasses, which are also expected to be launched in 2024. “Meta hopes to sell tens of millions of smart glasses by the end of this decade,” the report said.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning its own AR and VR products, starting with a mixed reality headset that could launch as early as next year. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even said that Apple hopes to “replace the iPhone with AR devices in 10 years.” It remains to be seen whether the objectives of Meta or Apple correspond to reality.

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