1. FSV Mainz 05 – VfB Stuttgart: Bundesliga live

74 minutes – Replacement

Roberto Massimo

Roberto Massimo

Tiago Tomas

Tiago Tomas

Replacement Tiago Barreiros de Melo Tomás Roberto Massimo

71 minutesBurkardt first put the free kick into the wall from 17 yards out, but got the second chance. The margin just misses the box to the right.

yellow card
70 minutes – Yellow card

Pascal Stenzel

Pascal Stenzel

Burkardt tips over in the middle at the edge of the penalty area and is pushed to the ground by Pascal Stenzel. There’s yellow for that.

69 minutes – Replacement

Leandro Barreiro Martins

Leandro Barreiro Martins

Dominik Kohr

Dominik Kohr

Second change for the 05ers, Leandro Barreiro Martins replaces Dominik Kohr.

68 minutesTomas takes out a promising free kick on the right edge of the penalty area. Sosa pushes the ball into the penalty area, Zentner catches it.

67 minutesThe last minutes belonged to the hosts, who in turn tried to find a possible lead.

65 minutesBoetius fits from the central circle into the depths. Burkardt has a small lead, but is then successfully pushed back by Mavropanos in the penalty area – strong defensive behavior from the Greek.

63 minutesA long ball to Ingvartsen, who can stand up to Ito and pass. But Burkardt looks stuck in the left corner of the penalty area.

62 minutes – Replacement

Marcus Ingvartsen

Marcus Ingvartsen

Karim Onisiwo

Karim Onisiwo

We also see fresh personnel in Mainz, Marcus Ingvartsen taking over from Karim Onisiwo.

60 minutesCorner for the guests, but Sosa’s cross poses no danger.

58 minutes – Replacement

Alexis Tibidi

Alexis Tibidi

Omar Marmouche

Omar Marmouche

There is a first change in the guests. Alexis Tibidi replaces Omar Marmoush.

57 minutesThe game has more to offer in the first ten minutes of the second half than in the entire first half.

55 minutesStach’s corner hits the Kohr lurking in the middle, who comes to the head. The ball has been in the air for a long time, but it comes out inside the post and into the arms of Müller, who grabs the line.

53 minutesIt was already the third good chance for Stuttgart, the lead is now deserved. Especially since Hertha now leads to Augsburg and thus passes the place of relegation to the Swabians.

51 minutesZentner comes out of his penalty area completely unnecessarily and even knocks down Bell in the process. The ball arrives at Führich, who shoots in front of the empty goal from 22 meters on the right.

49 minutesCorner for the hosts – but it also ends with a whistle. Niakhate only uses unfair means to win against Tomas in the center of the penalty area.

47 minutesBoetius loses the ball on a pass from behind. Then Stuttgart tipped quickly, Führich inserting himself through the cut into the run of Tomas, who failed from a slightly acute angle on the rushing centerman.

to start up

46 minutesThe second half begins unchanged.

In a weak Bundesliga game, there were hardly any real scoring scenes in the first round, and the 0-0 after 45 minutes is almost inevitable. The guests had the best luck. Mangala failed from the edge of the penalty area after a fine save from Zentner.

First half whistle

45 minutes (+2)Break in Mainz. Shortly before, Bo Svensson had complained a bit loudly about the decision of a referee and received a yellow card.

45 minutesThere are two minutes of additional time.

43 minutesTomas finds Kalajdzic in the penalty area, but then takes the ball from his hand. Last week, Florian Badstübner had problems judging handballs in the match between St. Pauli and Werder Bremen.

41 minutesThe corner that follows ends with a whistle, or even without conclusion. The ball is still in the air when Florian Badstübner punishes Anton against Lucoqui.

40 minutesMangala shoots slightly in the middle and finds the gap. The 16-yard shot would have been way up high, but Zentner clears the corner with a good save.

38 minutesHowever, VfB have accepted this match physically and have so far decided 65% of duels in their favor.

36 minutesWidmer has plenty of space on the right side. At the end, a cross jumps straight into Müller’s arms.

34 minutesStrong pass from Boetius in depth and run from Onisiwo. But the striker then almost freely loses the overview against Mavropanos and lets himself be sidelined for good.

32 minutesAfter half an hour, the two guards are still largely unemployed. Neither Mainz nor Stuttgart have so far put the ball on the opposing goal. The level remains manageable.

30 minutesAlthough Ito had to be treated a little longer, he can now get involved again.

28 minutesIto and Mavropanos both go up for a header. The Japanese remains lying with a nose that is bleeding profusely. Defensively, the alternatives on the Stuttgart bench are limited.

26 minutesBoth teams have a success rate of less than 75% in the first 25 minutes.

24 minutesAnother throw-in in the Stuttgart penalty area, the clearance attempt goes to Anton. But the Mainz man can’t do anything about the situation, the header attempt doesn’t really land on goal.

22 minutesKohr throws the ball in front of him and finally looks for the end. The 20-yard shot goes way over.

19 minutesKalajdzic clears the air in his own penalty area against Bell and ends up taking another base hit. It remains hectic.

17 minutesKalajdzic’s attempt was the first shot on goal of the afternoon. Not much is happening in the penalty areas in this eventful game.

15 minutesFirst, Mainz gets the free kick cleared by Sosa. But Stuttgart have the second ball, Tomas pierces after a one-two with Anton on the right in the penalty area then passes to the penalty spot. Kalajdzic closes directly with a promising shot, the shot goes well over.

13 minutesAnton bounces the ball, so he can only clarify the situation against Niakhate with a foul.

11 minutesSosa takes the ball diagonally halfway to the penalty area from the left. Kalajdzic gets away with it, but just doesn’t reach the sharp cross.

9 minutesThen both teams get little order in the building game. Again and again, the attempt to build quickly ends with the opponent.

7 minutesBurkardt wants to enter the penalty area from the left. But Sosa steps in and resolves the situation with fair means.

5 minutesThe initial phase is characterized by a lot of hard duels and now some fouls on both sides.

3 minutesOnisiwo pushes Mavropanos over the sideline. The Greek lay there for a moment, his face contorted in pain.

to start up

1 minuteThe game is in progress. The referee is Florian Badstübner. The kick-off was delayed as the goal net still needed to be adjusted.

Before the start of the gameFor this difficult away task, however, Matarazzo must completely rebuild his center in midfield, as not only Atakan Karazor misses after his fifth yellow card, but also Wataru Endo. The captain is still in home isolation after a corona infection.

Before the start of the gameBut Pellegrino Matarazzo also has a stat on his side. Under his charge, VfB have won all three games against today’s opponents since promotion. “We were smart in those games. We want to be that again. We succeeded against Mainz because we defended extremely well and brought power onto the pitch,” said the coach.

Before the start of the gameAnd Svensson can assume his team will be favorites after six wins in the last seven home games. VfB managed just three meager away draws in the same period. The current away weakness is certainly one of the reasons the Swabians find themselves so deep in the bottom of the table.

Before the start of the gameBut Bo Svensson spoke on the PK day of a ‘great’ responsibility for the competition, after all Mainz have two direct relegation candidates as opponents in Stuttgart and Hertha. “We will do everything to ensure that our opponents do not collect these important points”, promises the coach.

Before the start of the gameAfter just one point from the last three games, the 05ers have slipped into no man’s land on the board. Realistically, six points behind sixth-placed Hoffenheim is too big a gap for them to fulfill their European dream in the remaining five games.

Before the start of the gameAs for the guests, Anton and Kalajdzic start in place of Karazor and Endo.

Before the start of the gameStuttgart came up with this starting XI: Müller – Stenzel, Mavropanos, Ito, Sosa – Anton, Mangala, Führich, Tiago Tomas, Marmoush – Kalajdzic.

Before the start of the gameThere are two changes to the home team, with Lucoqui and Tauer replacing Aaron and Hack.

Before the start of the gameMainz starts as follows: Zentner – Tauer, Bell, Niakhate – Widmer, Kohr, Lucoqui, Stach, Boetius – Burkardt, Onisiwo.

Before the start of the gameWelcome to the matchday 30 Bundesliga match between FSV Mainz 05 and VfB Stuttgart.

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