‘A humiliation’ – press comments on Eintracht’s Barcelona win

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The press reviews after Eintracht’s furious Barcelona win at a glance.

Barcelona – Eintracht Frankfurt are in the semi-finals of the Europa League. After the 1-1 draw in the first leg, SGE won 2-3 against FC Barcelona in the second leg. The next day, the international press celebrates the strong Frankfurters – and strongly criticizes the weak Catalans.

  • Brand (Spain): “What happened yesterday at the Camp Nou is shameful. Barcelona as a club cannot allow something like this to happen to them. It was a huge miscalculation. When Barcelona played in Frankfurt, we already knew that German supporters would have many requests for tickets. Somehow the club should have prevented massive ticket sales. And the fact that so many members are willing to give up their seats to their competitors is also a blow.
  • El País (Spain): “A dark night for Barcelona in Europe. Once again. It’s no longer the Champions League, it’s the Europa League. It doesn’t matter. As in Rome (2018), Liverpool (2019), Lisbon (2020) and Paris (2021), Barça have lost again at home in continental competition. Neither the confidence after 14 unbeaten matches nor the warning given by Eintracht (ninth in the Bundesliga) to Frankfurt gave a boost to Barcelona, ​​who were held back both on the pitch and in the stands by the massive presence of German supporters. »
  • Mundo deportivo (Spain): “What a disappointment! We knew it could cost. We also knew that Eintracht Frankfurt would be a dangerous opponent. They showed it in the first leg. They didn’t know it would be one of the saddest nights of the history of the Camp Nou, both because of the sporting result, with a late reaction when time ran out, and because the stadium turned into an opposing stadium.
  • AS (Spain): “Lost at home – Barcelona played the second leg at Camp Nou but felt like an outsider in their own stadium. The image of the stadium was embarrassing for Barcelona fans.
  • Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy): “What a sad ending for Barca, Eintracht hit the mark. Germans dominate and score three times, Blaugrana react but it’s not enough. On a surreal night at Camp Nou, the 15-game unbeaten side of Xavi lost 3-2. Barca’s bankruptcy started at the ticket office.”
  • Tuttosport (Italy): “Clear defeat for Barcelona, ​​who have to lose to Eintracht at the Camp Nou. Eintracht and Leipzig show that German teams still have a lot to say in Europe, despite Bayern’s exit from the Champions League.”
  • Soccer (Germany): “Except for the eventful final phase, the Hessians showed a perfect game: very well organized, compact and lively, cheeky and playful, insensitive in front of goal. In short: it was a masterful performance from the team and coaches.
  • Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany): ‘Eintracht conquer Barcelona – Frankfurt tear FC Barcelona apart at Camp Nou – and still have to shake in injury time’
  • The Sun (UK): “Auba and Co. humiliated – Barcelona were torn in the second leg at home.”
  • Mirror (UK): “A humiliation! Barcelona are eliminated from the Europa League.
  • The Team (France): “Barça’s disappointment. Eintracht Frankfurt created a sensation and won at Camp Nou, mostly dressed in white.
  • View (Switzerland): “Eintracht coup at Camp Nou: Frankfurt kicks Barca out of the Europa League.”

After the first leg in Frankfurt, the reactions of the international press were unequivocal.

Eintracht Frankfurt win sensationally in Barcelona – and are in the semi-finals of the Europa League. The Frankfurter Rundschau commentary.

The testimony of the feeling: Eintracht Frankfurt haven’t been this good for a long time. Individual review players.

Eintracht fans dominated the action in the stands at the Camp Nou.

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