Almost 500 French artists choose Emmanuel Macron

They are actors, singers, directors or even writers… Several hundred French artists signed a platform this Friday, April 15th, confirming that they will vote Emmanuel Macron to perform Marine Le Pen during the second round of the to block presidential elections on April 24 .

“On April 10, for the third time in the history of the Fifth Republic, the extreme right stands at the gates of power in the second round of presidential elections. She has never been so close to victory,” the group of personalities warned in a press release sent to media outlets including AFP and Le Parisien this Friday.

While recognizing that they “sometimes had differences, oppositions and deep disagreements with power,” the forum’s authors remain unanimous in their desire to block the far-right candidate.

“But if for some of us the outcome of that first round wasn’t as expected, if for some of us there remains suspicion; For us today there is no hesitation, no doubt, no hesitation. We don’t put democracy and populism on the same level,” the collective made clear.

In this group of more than 400 people we find names like Fabrice Luchini, Béatrice Dalle, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marc Lévy, Guillaume Canet, the actor Gilles Lellouche or even the singers Enrico Macias, Thomas Dutronc and Clara Luciani.

The desire for a resilient, humanistic and generous France

All agreed that “nothing in Marine Le Pen’s program brings them closer to the resistant, humanistic, generous and cosmopolitan history of France”. They also reiterated that the National Assembly representative’s program “remains that of xenophobia and withdrawal from a candidate who has forged an alliance with totalitarian and warmongering powers.”

Several other reasons related to this position have also been cited, such as “the climate and environmental emergency.” Nor do the signatories hide their fears about “what would become of culture in France if elected by vote”.

This call for an election boycott against Marine Le Pen comes days after French athletes called for them to vote for Emmanuel Macron. In the same dynamic, this Friday, the Grand Mosque of Paris invited its community to oppose Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter by voting for the French president.

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