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New for 2022: Apple iPhone 13 in green

First Conference 2022 there were news from Apple about new products and improvements to existing gadgets. The second category includes the news that the standard Mini, Pro and iPhone 13 models are now also available in green. Those familiar with the Apple scene might now have a bit of deja vu: last year, the company also announced a purple color upgrade for the iPhone 12 Mini.

Buy an iPhone 13 in green

The classic iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, currently available >> on Amazon, have been since March 18 in the The color green accessible. A pre-order of the new shade is since March 11, 2022 possible. Good news: there is no additional charge for the new color. The price remains the same as at the launch of the iPhone 13. So no surprise on this side.

You can now order the iPhone in green from the following retailers:

iPhone 13 Mini Green

The smaller iPhone 13 Mini is also available in the new green from Amazon and Co. In addition to the new color, the iPhone 13 and the Mini version are now available in five colors: pink, blue, black (“Midnight” ), white (“Polar Star”) and red.

You can now also find the iPhone 13 Mini in green at other retailers:

iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine Green

The larger Pro model of the iPhone 13 is also available in the new color, but not just in “green”, but in “alpine green”. It’s a slightly lighter shade of green that’s “not as bright,” as Apple puts it.

You can now find it at the usual retailers such as:

Along with the new “Alpine Green” paint finish, the iPhone 13 Pro, which is still available at a discount, is now available in a total of five colors: Silver, Gold, Sierra Blue and Graphite. Buy the iPhone 13 Pro on Amazon here.

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