Amira and Oliver Pocher argue over Gil Ofarim: ‘It’s the very last thing’

Oliver and Amira Pocher disagree on how to deal with Gil Ofarim.Image: imago images/Future Image

Charges of defamation and false accusation have been brought against Gil Ofarim. The singer and actor is said to have falsely claimed to have been insulted in an anti-Semitic way by an employee of a hotel in Leipzig. A few days after the announcement of this development, the RTL TV event “La Passion” took place and Gil Ofarim remained in production despite the accusations. The Cologne broadcaster justified its decision by saying that the presumption of innocence applies to Ofarim until his conviction.

But can Gil Ofarim still perform? Amira and Oliver Pocher discuss this question in their podcast “Die Pochers!” The spouses have different opinions on this point.

Oliver Pocher: “How long can he not play?”

First of all, Amira and Oliver agree that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions in the Ofarim case. However, Oli finds one thing suspicious: “I find it strange because at the beginning it was about the channel, he did the big tour of Gil Ofarim and spoke to the press. But now that they say that ‘we investigate him, we hear and see nothing more of him. For him, it was a “poor sign”, because whoever supported the events, he should comment on them, Oli said. However, one thing is certain for him:

“But I don’t think that’s why he can’t appear anymore.”

How is Gil Ofarim's career evolving now?

How is Gil Ofarim’s career evolving now?Image: dpa/Tobias Hase

He then asked his wife how she saw him. The 29-year-old has a completely different opinion than the comedian and also explains why:

“I think you’re playing with racism here. If it happened in such a way that he staged it, then I really think it sucks. Anti-Semitism and racism are always big topics And if anyone knows what he started with that, I’m crazy It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back and I don’t want to see him anywhere, on any show, he doesn’t deserve anymore that.”

It was a bad number and a slap in the face for everyone involved, the moderator explained and added: “The hotel employee also has a family, a job and a reputation, it all depends on that. For me, it’s unforgivable.”

Oli is audibly surprised by his wife’s harsh words, she really “cancels”, he comments on Amira’s angry speech then asks slightly mockingly: “And what does that mean, how long is he not allowed to play?” Amira replied that he could appear whenever and wherever he wanted. She wouldn’t write to broadcasters to complain either, but Gil Ofarim was done with her, she emphasized her point.

But the 44-year-old also stood by his opinion and reiterated: “I find this ‘He can’t play anywhere anymore’ too blatant.” At the same time, he noted that it will not be easy for Ofarim in a year or two: “He can do whatever he wants and record music and release three songs a week, but it will be difficult to find a company disk for it.” Even in “light entertainment shows” you probably won’t see it in the near future.

There is now news in the Ofarim case. Charges against a Leipzig hotel worker, whom he accused of anti-Semitism, were dropped weeks ago. And now the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office has announced that Ofarim did not file a complaint against the discontinuation of the proceedings. Because he let the deadline expire, the investigations against the hotel employee are now definitively closed.


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