Berlin: Police clean the “Köpi”-Wagenburg area in Mitte again

Six months after the “Köpi”-Wagenburg was cleared, militants again occupied the Köpenicker Strasse area. Police responded overnight with a large contingent and cleared the area – 13 squatters were arrested first.

After the resumption of the occupation of the former “Köpi” parking lot on Köpenicker Strasse in Berlin-Mitte, the police intervened on Saturday evening with a large contingent.

According to the police, the squatters partially demolished the neighborhood’s fence. The security service could not prevent people with barbed wire and fire extinguishers from entering. Two of the 15 people who were later taken from the “Köpi” area by the police climbed trees and made their way to safety.

About 120 people remained in front of the car space. The squatters played loud music and made speeches. Among other things, they shouted: “We will not allow ourselves to be expelled. Köpi activists wrote on Twitter in the evening: “The area was empty for speculation for six months. Now we are here to bring it back. (…)”

A police spokesman told rbb on Saturday morning that all occupants had been evacuated from the area until the early hours of Saturday morning. 13 occupants were arrested and taken care of by the identification service. According to the police, the operation on Köpenicker Straße lasted several hours, also because the officers could not persuade two women to leave the trees for a long time. The police special forces and the high altitude rescue service then managed to rescue the women. They too were temporarily arrested. The occupants are being investigated, among other things, for breaching public order.

The spontaneous demonstration in front of the “Köpi”-Wagenburg was dispersed by the police with 120 people before midnight. However, a group of 30 remained. The police then pushed them in the direction of Engeldamm.

The “Köpi-Platz” wagon camp was considered one of the few remaining symbolic projects of the left-wing autonomous scene in Berlin. On October 15 last year, the police cleared him with heavy equipment. The landlord had fought for the eviction, in which hundreds of police were involved, in court. Until then, the residents lived there in construction trailers next to an old building occupied since 1990.

Broadcast: rbb 88.8, April 16, 2022, 11 a.m.

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