Better life in advance: Summary of the episode from Monday, April 18, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Ariane doesn’t believe she slept with Mathieu, Luna does everything in her power to prevent Bastien’s children from being kidnapped. Meanwhile, Gérard inherits a sailing boat…


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers related to better life will be broadcast on France 3 tomorrow evening!

Emma is back in Marseille

When she wakes up, Ariane is ashamed of having slept with Mathieu. Taking advantage of the fact that he’s still asleep, she slips quietly out of the room. She then joins Jacob for breakfast. Without speaking to Mathieu, she insists on returning to Marseille as soon as possible.

On Monday Emma is back from Australia and finds her sister in the park waiting to surprise Baptiste. Mathis is on vacation with Roland. His journey allowed him to take a step back. So Emma assures her sister that she has forgiven her. The latter claims that everything is going well in her home for young girls, that she has a small job in a distribution center and that she is in love with a boy. Pleased, Emma doesn’t realize that her sister is still under Kevin’s spell.

At the police station, Eric notices that Ariane is ignoring Mathieu’s calls. The lieutenant admits that his friend slept with him. Against all odds, she admits that she enjoyed their night together, but makes Eric promise not to repeat anything.

Later, Ariane and Éric discover that one of their colleagues, a certain Lucas, is missing. According to his mother, he is said to have already returned from Mexico. After his research, Ariane learns that in reality he never left France. She therefore assumes that the free rider in Marseille has started to murder…

Mirta and Luna stop Charlotte from leaving

As she prepares to go with her grandmother that afternoon, Sunalee has to decline Noah and Lola’s invitation to spend time together at outings and parties. Pablo is also welcome. The two teenagers complain to their grandmother. But in the face of his emotional blackmail, they are forced to do him a favor and forego their vacation with friends.

For his part, Akira is eager to find his mother. Charlotte promises him that her father will eventually join them and that they will reform their family as before. As Mirta walks down the hall, she watches them and notices that Charlotte is pretending to have a sore foot. She immediately opens up to her daughter, adding that she overheard them talking about Thailand and not South America.

Outside Bastien, Luna rummages through Charlotte’s belongings and discovers single tickets to Bangkok. When his stepmother and her children want to leave the hotel, Bastien confronts them about their lies and then forbids them to leave the hotel.

Gerhard is trapped

When she wakes up, Carmen Gérard reveals that she has planned a gift for him. However, she still has details to settle, in particular the registration of the boat. She handles it alone, at the Marci, where Fanny is horrified to see her mother losing her common sense for a man she barely knows.

Later, Carmen takes Gérard to the port and explains to him that she bought a sailboat for 50,000 euros, knowing full well that he could refund her the money. Gerard becomes increasingly uncomfortable when his partner explains that he spent all his life savings on a whim.

Very upset, Gérard rushes to Laetitia to ask her to give him Valentin’s contact. He explains the situation to his sister, who reminds him that he should have told Carmen the truth. From now on, Laetitia believes he must bear the consequences alone.

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