Can some people not catch the virus at all?

  • Corona study: Researchers study viral load and contagion
  • surprising results: 58 people have not tested positive for coronavirus
  • study with a total of 730 attendees arrives at a similar result
  • What do they have T cells do with?
  • Are there people who are against a Completely immune to Covid-19 infection are?

In the spring of 2020, this spread coronavirus among others also in UK out of. Many the patients entered hospitals. Doctors and nurses quickly increased the risk of dealing with the virus Infect. There were too many contagion. But for a few, the virus doesn’t stand a chance in the first place, even though they’ve probably come into contact with it multiple times. You seem on a special immunity available against corona virus. have that searcher discovered in Britain. The research results were published in the journal “Nature”. The researchers analyzed numerous samples and data from UK hospital staff. In doing so, they discovered a group of everything 58 peoplewhere, over a period of four months, neither a PCR test was positive nor antibodies were found, although clinic workers were regularly tested. At the same time, a number of colleagues contracted Corona during this period. Another study of University College of London with 730 participants, they recently came to similar conclusions.

Coronavirus: cessation of infection due to increased T-lymphocyte count

In the first study, researchers found high levels of in 20 of these study subjects T cells19 of which also possess an immune protein called IFI 27. According to the authors, the protein could be an indication of past contact with Sars-CoV-2. Scientists suspect that some sort of termination of the infection took place in the study subjects. The virus probably got into people’s bodies, but was fought there so quickly that it couldn’t even gain a foothold.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really surprising that T cells can control an infection so quickly,” he said. Shane Crotyimmunologist at La Jolla ICalifornia Institute of Immunology, who did not participate in the research, cited in Nature. It appears that these people’s immune systems are able to fight off the virus before it can take hold and spread. Such a process is called in technical jargon “abortive infection“appointed.

A certain type could be the reason for the effective defense against the virus, according to the researchers memory T cells be they found in the samples. These cells were active against a series of viral proteins that were important for virus replication, the so-called replication complex. The researchers found these T cells much more often in those who had shown no signs of infection than in those who had contracted Covid-19. The researchers also found this type of T cell in blood samples taken before the pandemic.

The study still leaves many questions unanswered

Scientists suspect that the immune cells formed when infected with one of the human corona viruses that cause the common cold. Because unlike the spike protein, which viruses use to enter human cells, but which differs between viral variants, the replication complex the same for many corona viruses. This could make these proteins a new target for vaccines that are not only effective against Sars-CoV-2, but against all possible corona viruses.

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However, this study leaves many questions unanswered. On the one hand, it is not known when a cold triggers the formation of such T cells. Because even if the vast majority of people have at least one in their life cold caused by coronavirus apparently only a few have these memory T cells.

On the other hand, other researchers note that there is no definitive evidence that those examined Contact with Sars-CoV-2 had. The study authors contradict these doubts with the fact that the measured increase in T cells coincides exactly with the first wave of the pandemic in Britain. A coincidence is very unlikely. Other critics say: Even if the special T cells were able to completely prevent an infection at the time, it is unclear whether this still applies to the significantly more contagious Delta variant. Further studies using animal models and human data are therefore needed.

Further study confirms the results

A team of researchers from University College of London a as part of the COVIDsortium study among medical personnel 730 subjects examined. T cells also appear to play a crucial role in the majority of these participants. Scientist Mala Maini explains: “We think they were born from a previous infection with a similar virus.” Virologists talk about such cases cross-reacting T cells. As mentioned in the study above, this may be the case with cold viruses, for example.

Once they recognize a virus, these immune cells multiply extremely rapidly. It is possible that it was the common cold viruses, which also belong to the human corona virus family, that left behind the gift of immunity. People who experience this phenomenon are called seronegative appointed.

Contact with the new corona virus then leads to “a short and temporary infection, it is also called abortive”, explains Maini. It is so called because the body shuts it down extremely quickly. This Covid-19 at least briefly and unnoticed Even among HIV-negative subjects recruited from medical staff, medical students, and laboratory personnel had flared up, Maini’s research team also made a increased levels of T cells and the supplement Immune protein called IFI 27 Party.

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