Consumer advocates slam non-transparent costs for withdrawing money from other banks

The Consumer Advice Center in Hamburg complains that bank customers often do not know what fees they will incur if they withdraw money from an ATM of a third-party bank. This is specifically described using the DKB as an example. The bank is accused of concealing the cost of withdrawing cash from ATMs.

DKB Bank advertises its Visa debit card with the fact that money can be withdrawn free of charge from ATMs around the world. This is not true in all areas, criticize consumer advocates. The only thing that is correct is that the DKB itself does not charge any fees. However, merchants and ATM operators may still charge fees. Upon request, the DKB only points out that it has no influence on this. These costs are also not reimbursed.

According to the DKB, “free” always refers only to your own expense. However, customers may incur charges from third parties. The Consumer Advice Center therefore considers bank statements for customers to be misleading. Especially since the DKB itself only operates 26 of its own machines nationwide in Germany. The DKB should therefore not advertise the free money withdrawal, as the bank has only minimal control over whether charges arise in practice for customers.

The consumer advice center in Hamburg has therefore repeatedly received complaints from dissatisfied customers. They complain that it is far too difficult for them to know which machines they should pay for and how much. Consumer advocates would like this to be clearly displayed on the customer’s screen during the withdrawal process. Ideally, this information should also be available online, so you don’t have to go through countless machines.

Of course, the criticism of the Hamburg Consumer Advice Center for the DKB can also be applied to other banks. My tip: With the optional DKB Girocard, it is only possible to withdraw money free of charge at DKB ATMs. Otherwise, you should take advantage of the possibility in supermarkets to withdraw cash when paying at the cash desk, this is also free of charge. With the DKB visa you can withdraw cash from ATMs in Germany free of charge if they bear the Visa logo.

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