Contaminated drinking water: boiling ban now applies to entire Birkenfeld district – Nahe Zeitung

Contamination of drinking water in the sewer network of the district of Birkenfeld is increasingly widespread. On Good Friday, the health department issued a ‘boil recommendation’ for the entire district – as a precaution.

By Stefan Conradt

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The Bad Kreuznach control center initially warned on Thursday of contamination of drinking water with germs. “During a routine test of the network, the bacterium Clostridium perfringens exceeded the limit value”, indicates the Facebook page of the district of Birkenfeld.

Boil drinking water
Germs in drinking water can lead to stomach and intestinal illnesses. Experts and emergency services therefore advise boiling the water for at least five minutes. This kills the germs in question. The ban on boiling applies especially if the water is to be used for drinking or for preparing food, for washing dishes and for rinsing containers in which food is stored. Similarly, only boiled water should be used for brushing teeth.

Initially, only the municipalities of the Reidenbachtal were concerned. On Thursday afternoon, as a precaution, the health department also imposed a ban on boiling parts of the town of Idar-Oberstein. On Good Friday, the warning and the obligation to boil it was later extended to the entire district of Birkenfeld due to another positive result.

Until further notice, it is recommended to boil tap water before using it for drinking or cooking. The warning can only be lifted after two negative samples, at the earliest on Easter Sunday.

The contamination was first detected in the nursery in Sien. Based on the new findings from Good Friday, the health department has ordered that the boiling requirement be extended to the entire supply area of ​​the Steinbachtalsperre until further notice. In addition to the town of Idar-Oberstein, this concerns the associated municipalities of Birkenfeld, Baumholder and part of VG Herrstein-Rhaunen.

Which locations are affected

All Urban area of ​​Idar-Oberstein

The totality Trade union municipality of Baumholder

The following Localities of VG Birkenfeld: Dambach, Ellweiler, Gimbweiler, Hattgenstein, Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, Meckenbach, Rötsweiler-Nockenthal, Schwollen, Siesbach, Wilzenberg

The following Localities of VG Herrstein-Rhaunen: Bergen, Berschweiler, Dickesbach, Fischbach, Gerach, Griebelschied, Herborn, Herrstein, Hettenrodt, Hintertiefenbach, Kirschweiler, Mackenrodt, Mittelreidenbach, Mörschied Hafenmühle, Asbacher Hütte, Niederhosenbach, Niederwörresbach, Oberreidenbach, Oberwörresbach, Schmidthachenbach, Sien, Sienhachenbach, Sonnens , , Weiden, Wickenroth

A Drinking Water Incident Hotline was linked to the Corona hotline 06781-5163300. There you will receive information about the incident.

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