GNTM-Lieselotte was persuaded by Heidi Klum to shoot naked

Updated on 04/16/2022 11:41

  • During “Germany’s Next Top Model”, contestant Lieselotte dropped the covers for a photoshoot.
  • For her, it crossed a red line, she explains.
  • Despite everything, the 66-year-old man was convinced by Heidi Klum.

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Contestant Lieselotte surprised fans of ‘Germany’s next top model’ in the current episode on Thursday evening: The 66-year-old badass resisted the nude photo shoot. “Nudity is nobody’s business, just mine,” Lieselotte explained on the modeling show.

“I never thought in life that Lieselotte in particular would have a problem with nudity,” said Heidi Klum – and actually managed to convince Lieselotte. The 66-year-old Berliner stayed on the show and even did one more round.

Now Lieselotte has thought about the nude photoshoot in an interview with the newspaper “Bild”. “For me, being naked in public is a red line that I don’t want to cross,” she said. “I have neither financial nor vain interests in doing this. Even as a young woman, I wanted above all to be seen as a person of character and to be a role model. I want to be taken seriously.”

Heidi Klum convinced Lieselotte

Lieselotte is not defined “by my body and generally not too much by exteriors”. It’s more important to her what she says. What finally convinced the Best Agerin to drop the covers were the “strong words” of Heidi Klum. “It was confidence in the level of the show and a common message that Heidi and I felt: Lieselotte needs to persevere and be and become a role model, that older women should believe in themselves,” the wife of 66 years old.

Apparently, she’s glad she opted for the nude photo shoot: “Since the photo was an acceptable result, I’m at peace with myself. I look like a bronze figure and it’s sporty.” Lieselotte is “happy” to have jumped over her own shadow. She now proudly shows it off on Instagram: For the photo from the set, she wrote, “‘Old’ Lieselotte jumped over her shadow.”

The nude shoot at GNTM

In the show, the models had to pose nude, just spray-painted with gold paint, like the living hands of a clock. “It’s a point where I say: as much as I love my Heidi, but that’s really not necessarily the case,” Lieselotte explained. She then went to Heidi Klum to inform her of this decision. “Heidi, can I say goodbye to you in my arms? she asked.

“Lieselotte, you fought so hard, you don’t want to go home now,” Klum replied. Lieselotte is then expected to step into the watch frame to try out the poses for the shoot – Klum showed her how to cover a lot of nude. “She struck the tone to get me,” Lieselotte said afterwards.

“Luckily, I was still able to encourage him to participate in the filming,” said Heidi Klum with relief. “It would be such a shame if she left me because of that, because there’s no shame in having a nude shoot.” She always makes sure that “my models feel comfortable and always look good”.
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At ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, the big nude shoot was scheduled for Thursday – were the contestants afraid of it? The statements differ.

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