Habeck tips for saving energy – This is how we should limit our lives! – Domestic policy

The Federal Government wants to move away from Russian oil and gas – and therefore calls on all Germans to save energy!

Economy Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) warns that all Germans should reduce their energy consumption immediately: by ten percent! For example, one could leave his car at Easter and cycle and train instead, Habeck suggested in the “Funke” newspapers.

These aren’t the only power-saving suggestions. Habeck’s confidant, Klaus Müller (51), former Greens minister and recently head of the Federal Network Agency, has more suggestions on how German citizens should change their lives!

► This is how Müller suggested banning the sauna in “Zeit”! Reason: a sauna consumes too much energy.

► Müller also wants restrictions for single people (e.g. young people, pensioners): If energy were to become even scarcer, the complete heating of individual apartments with several rooms “can no longer be justified at all” .

► In general, the Germans should heat less! According to Müller, a maximum of 19 degrees. Exception: children’s rooms, apartments with sick people and people requiring care.

► Millions of Germans are also expected to change their shower habits. Müller doubts you really need to shower every day.

The Germans should change their lives because energy (gas, oil) is becoming scarce and expensive. Continued operation of nuclear power plants could bring relief – but Habeck rejects that!

Reinhard Houben, economist at the FDP (61)Foto: imago images/Christian Spicker

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Reinhard Houben, economist at the FDP (61)Photo: imago images/Christian Spicker

FDP economist Reinhard Houben (61) is therefore indignant: “It is not the role of the state to force people to marry or cohabit just to save electricity.”

Every citizen should be able to decide for themselves, CDU energy expert Fabian Gramling (35) at BILD: “Telling people how hot their room should be sounds like desperation.”

It costs showers and Co.

It costs

► Dishwasher: 30 cents per wash cycle (Eco program at 50 degrees).

► Sauna: It takes about 2.50 euros for a course (for 60 minutes of use, medium-sized oven).

► Refrigerator: Using a standard appliance costs about 30 cents of electricity per day.

► Showers: A ten-minute hot shower costs around 1.80 euros.

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