In Marseille, Emmanuel Macron projects France into a “great ecological nation” to seduce the left electorate

He had promised ” Completely “ his project, taking inspiration from that of his opponents. Emmanuel Macron took a step towards Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Saturday, April 16, during a meeting in Marseille, the electoral city of the Bouches-du-Rhône MP.

To predict the electorate of the leader of La France insoumise (LFI) – who came third in the first round of the presidential elections on April 10 with 21.95% of the vote – but also that of the ecologist Yannick Jadot (4.63%). the head of state of France “great ecological nation”which would be “The first to come out of gas, oil and coal”. The promise of a bright future, in short, like the sun illuminating the grassy esplanade of the Palais du Pharo, with the Old Port looming in the background.

Emmanuel Macron therefore assured that he had heard that “strong message” addressed in the first ballot on 10. “To put the environment first [sa] Campaign “. A subject on which the tenant of the Elysée wants to make a point of division with his opponent in the second round, Marine Le Pen, bearer according to him “climate-skeptical project that wants to go beyond ambition” climate neutrality in 2050, “Climate Europe”and “Who wants to destroy the wind turbines”.

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A prime minister ‘in charge of ecological planning’

He, on the other hand, promises to go “twice as fast” in reducing greenhouse gases. Also to appoint a prime minister “directly responsible for ecological planning”. An expression borrowed from Mr. Mélenchon’s program. The Matignon tenant would be assisted by a “Minister of Energy Planning” and a “Minister of Territorial Ecological Planning”. The latter would be responsible for non-rental “Two Fears Face to Face” : those of youth concerned about the climate, and “Those who fear change too quickly”. A lesson from the “yellow vest” crisis.

“The policy I will be pursuing over the next five years will be green or not”, continued Emmanuel Macron. However, in his own way. Firstly, by – in contrast to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot – relying on nuclear power, which would be linked to the expansion of renewable energies. Then you’d rather rely on innovation than on “Growth”claims to want “Practicing ecology by continuing to produce”although he agrees to the necessity “Planning an Energy Sobriety Strategy”.

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