Invictus Games emotions: Harry acknowledges Meghan’s oath of love with a kiss

Emotions at the Invictus Games
Harry acknowledges Meghan’s love oath with a kiss

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are in The Hague after a long public break. There, the royal offspring opens the Invictus Games he created. When his wife moderates him, things get emotional. There’s even a rarely seen moment of intimacy.

For the first time since stepping back from the British Royal Family, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are appearing together again in Europe. The couple traveled together this week for the Harry-created Invictus Games, which officially kicked off on Saturday night in The Hague, Netherlands. “Your actions show that the impossible is possible. Your stories inspire people to believe in themselves,” Prince Harry told the opening ceremony to disabled veterans around the world who will compete in different disciplines. After two postponements due to the pandemic, tournaments in various disciplines will now run until April 22.

Paralympic competition is considered an affair of the heart for Harry, which is also very important to him after his retirement from the British Royal Family. He hopes that in events like this, the world community can show that it stands with Ukraine. “You know we are on your side. The world is on your side and you deserve even more,” he said in the direction of the Ukrainian team, who said they came with a special permit from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj.

Duchess Meghan also paid tribute to the team before beaming and handing over to her “incredible husband”. Meghan garnished her introduction with a declaration of love to Harry: “I couldn’t love and respect him more and I know you all feel the same.” As Harry came on stage, he kissed his wife and said, “Thank you, my love.”

A good two years ago, the couple gave up their royal duties and said goodbye to the royal family and to Europe. This is the first time Harry and Meghan have been together again in Europe and made public nominations.

Archie and Lilibet are not there

On Saturday afternoon, in glorious sunshine, they attended a sponsorship event where they both went for a ride in miniature cars with children. The couple will be followed closely by a film crew in The Hague for a Netflix documentary. They signed a multi-million dollar co-production deal with the streaming giant.

Accompanied by the camera team, they also met several members of the Ukrainian team on Friday. “I spoke to Meghan about the importance of having a voice, being heard and being able to express your point of view. It is very important to her,” Ukrainian Oksana Horbach told the agency. British PA press after an interview with the ex-actress. Horbach usually works in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kyiv, providing meals for his comrades.

Before arriving in the Netherlands, Harry and Meghan – to the surprise of the public and a tour group in Windsor – had stopped off in their former homeland. For the first time since the break with the royal family, they again met Queen Elizabeth II. At Harry’s request, the two are said to have taken a short detour to Prince Charles as a sign of peace, which Harry had particularly strongly criticized in interviews last year.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier called it “a tentative first step to mending the relationship”. The Telegraph, citing inside sources, speculated that details of the Queen’s meeting could also be seen in the Netflix documentary. Harry and Meghan’s offspring – little Archie and baby Lilibet – are not meant to be part of the party.

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