Kingdom Hearts 4: Tetsuya Nomura (FF7 Remake) reveals the reason for Sora’s realistic appearance

Gaming News Kingdom Hearts 4: Tetsuya Nomura (FF7 Remake) reveals the reason for Sora’s realistic appearance

That was the good surprise of the past week. To mark the twentieth anniversary of the series, Square Enix has unveiled the new opus of Kingdom Hearts. With the first images seen, Sora ended up in a world that was visibly very close to ours. During a recent interview, the creator of the saga explained the origins of this new world, as well as the so realistic appearance of our protagonist.

Quadratum, Sora’s Tokyo Beyond

Square Enix has revealed the first images of Kingdom Hearts IV To mark the 20th anniversary of the video game series, the studio’s style blends with that of the Disney licenses. As intriguing as it is enticing, the trailer gave us a glimpse into the beginnings of a particularly familiar new world. Quadratum will be one of Sora’s new destinations, a world that visually closely resembles the Japanese capital, Tokyo. In a recent interview with Famitsu translated by VGCTetsuya Nomura, known for his work on the Final Fantasy saga and creator of the Kingdom Hearts license, spoke about this special relationship. For him, quadratum is not the “real world”, but a kind of “beyond”.

From Sora’s point of view, Quadratum is not the real world, but on the contrary resembles a parallel world, a world different from reality. On the other hand, for the inhabitants of Quadratum, their world corresponds to reality and the world Sora and the others come from corresponds to the fictional world.

Still according to Tetsuya Nomura, this question of viewpoint should be the focus of this new work. A recurring theme in the series.

Perception changes for each viewing angle. The Master of Masters already said something along these lines in Kingdom Hearts Union X (…). I think the theme of this new project will be the contrast between those who are in such different positions.

New look for a new life

If Quadratum looks so much like our world, then at first glance it’s Sora who has received a good facelift. What is striking is his more realistic appearance compared to that of his friends Donald and Goofy. A new feature, but far from trivial according to Tetsuya Nomura, who explains that this new look would be the result of our hero’s excursion to this fictional Tokyo.

Donald and Goofy go in search of Sora in the original world. All real worlds that appear before the title (in the trailer) correspond to fragments of Quadratum and Sora will look realistic, but if he can return to the original world, Sora will look like Donald and Goofy.

A brand new appearance for the Keyblade wielder, though intended to remain temporary. Parallel to these statements, Square Enix took the opportunity to talk about its title and Quadratum in particular. The studio describes this world as “a massive city set in a beautiful, realistic world unlike anything seen before in the Kingdom Hearts saga.”

It will be a while before Quadratum can be browsed as no release date has been announced yet. As for this fourth opus, it should be noted that the first images are subject to change. A recent report by Famitsu states that if the trailer presented by Square Enix runs on Unreal Engine 4, the game should take advantage of the power of Unreal Engine 5.

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