Laure and Matthieu (Married at First Sight): Great shock for their daughter Lya on the way to the emergency room

Raising a baby requires dealing with all of the unexpected. When Laura and Matthew out Married at first sight had been doing everything at full blast up until then, having a little girl teaches her patience and not necessarily for the best of things.

This Friday, April 15, lovers were not quietly pre-installed mask singer to see how Pierre Palmade and Sylvie Tellier are exposed. Because their daughter Lya, 8 months, was very ill, Laure and Matthieu preferred to go to the emergency room. There they spent the evening:7:50 p.m.: Arrival at the children’s emergency room. 9 p.m.: Kiki 40 with a fever and full of puke. 11 pm: We’re still waiting… The question is: how much longer?‘ Laure wrote in an Instagram story (see slideshow) to let her followers know.

Laure and Matthieu’s fans only had news this Saturday, April 16 morning. More fear than harm, but quite a shock for the small family: “We left at 12:30 yesterday, Lya’s fever went down this morning. Apparently she has the Covid which can cause vomiting in infants. Good to know: Contrary to popular belief, teething does not cause a fever!“The next few days will therefore be difficult:”Little Kiki is still very tired but everything will be fine, thank you all for your messages.

Laure and Matthieu have contracted Covid-19. The couple were aware that the virus could also affect their little girl and took all necessary precautions to avoid transmitting it to her. Despite the masks worn at home, the mission was a failure. The parents somehow stay the course, even if they’re not immune to a big change in the coming months to boost squad morale!

A few days ago, Laure had informed her subscribers that the family could soon be moving south: “At Matthieu we are thinking about maybe living in the south. We are, I believe, in lack of sun. Anyway, as soon as the weather isn’t so nice, we go in circles, we don’t really know what to do. And we both want change and sunshine.“Less than a year after buying their home in Normandy, Laure and Matthieu are already planning to leave. You don’t change a successful team.

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