Marine Le Pen in the between two towers, a zone of turbulence that is confirmed

POLITICS – And there was light. Since qualifying for the second round of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen has been in the spotlight, having taken advantage of Éric Zemmour’s convenient lightning rod and his very radical candidacy. The immediate consequence of this paradigm shift is the gradual return of a demonization from which she has meticulously taken everything.

A fundamental movement that not only focuses on his person. For a few days, his program has been analyzed even more closely by specialists who point this out here its serious constitutional problems where that the neediness of his economic proposals. The result is a campaign much less composed than the first round, which was carried out under the media radar. Since day one of the intermediate rounds, the far-right candidate has had a series of hiccups and difficulties.

“Abysmal lack of credibility”

On Tuesday April 12, Marine Le Pen assures France Inter that “Mr. Bourguiba had banned the veil in Algeria. Problem number one: Habib Bourguiba was the President of Tunisia, not Algeria. Problem number two, he has by no means banned the veil on the streets as she claims.

Enough to revive the incompetence process glued to his skin. “This abysmal lack of credibility for someone who has been running for the highest office for years is truly disarming.” was ironic Nathalie Loiseau, former Minister for European Affairs and now LREM MP.

Same day, later in the day. In Vernon in the Eure, Marine Le Pen holds a press conference on democracy. What do we learn from the exercise? The last few seconds in which the RN candidate, in an annoyed formulation that clashes with the seriousness to which she has hitherto limited herself, assumes she will fire journalists Daily his events. Enough to put a coin back into the demonization machine.

“When the extreme right starts saying ‘I choose the journalists who come or don’t come’, they do the same as in Hungary. That is, methodically, step by step, reducing, lowering the rights,” he reacted the same evening Emmanuel Macron during its session in Strasbourg.

Different topic, same format. On Wednesday, April 13, Marine Le Pen will hold a press conference on the foreign policy she intends to implement during the war in Ukraine planted its international software. In the room, an EELV activist waves a sign showing her in a photo with Vladimir Poutine before being roughly evacuated.

The picture fulfills a double task. Marine Le Pen is being attributed to her close ties to the Kremlin autocrat, and images of a young woman being dragged to the ground are looping through social media and streaming news channels, giving some a glimpse of what the far right could be about energy . Later in the day, Marine Le Pen is invited to BFMTV. She has refused to name the head of government she intends to appoint if elected. Reason given: “No one announces their prime minister in advance”. But that’s exactly what she had done during the 2017 Inter tours.

At the same time, Marine Le Pen is also being attacked by the Zemmour camp, which accuses her of not having kept her promise of a national unity government, while rejecting the idea of ​​being able to govern with the polemicist or Marion Maréchal , who have still called off to vote for them on April 10th. “Are you only now realizing that it sucks?” he laughs HuffPost a reconquest framework adopted by the RN.

There remains a great debate and a week

“I’ve got pretty harsh feedback from the field against her, Zemmour voters don’t understand why she’s not uniting and why she’s focused on the left. If things continue like this, she shouldn’t rely too much on massive voice transmissions,’ warns our interlocutor, who adds: ‘We get the impression that she’s doing it like she did in 2017. Zero gestures towards the Fillonists, and she does it every time speaking up means saying something stupid and losing points.”

As the pre-lap one corners approached, our survey compiler below shows that the gap between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen has widened (a little) over the past few days. He exceeds eight points this Saturday for the first time in almost two weeks.

On Thursday evening in Avignon, the RN candidate did not deviate from her strategy and called for an anti-Macron front where “all French people” are welcome. A smooth speech aimed at counteracting this demonization, which is returning to him like a boomerang, and seducing part of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s electorate.

For Marine Le Pen, however, this frantic race to normalize at any cost, designed less to attract voters than to demobilize them, carries a certain risk: that of contradiction. Illustration Friday April 15 on BFMTV. The RN candidate says holding a referendum on the death penalty is out of the question because it would be “unconstitutional”. Problem, she said the day before on France 2 exactly the opposite. A rough rowing back that, in contrast to the first round, no one escapes. And he has a week and a televised debate ahead of him.

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