Marine Le Pen is suspected of embezzling public funds in a new report from the European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office

A report by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), sent to the French judiciary on March 11, accuses four former far-right MEPs, including Marine Le Pen, of misusing nearly 620,000 euros of public funds, according to information from revealed media part Saturday 16.4.

According to the online news site that publishes excerpts from the document, the National Rally (RN) candidate is accused by OLAF of personally embezzling nearly €137,000 of public funds from the Strasbourg Parliament when she was an MEP (2004-2017). Bruno Gollnisch and Louis Aliot, both RN managers, are also implicated, as is Jean-Marie Le Pen, from whom OLAF is demanding just over 303,000 euros. All would have “endangers the reputation of the institutions of the Union” through her “Fraudulent Acts” “Likely prosecution”according to the cited report media part. For their part, the Paris prosecutor stated that it was a document “Analyze”.

In detail, OLAF points to several expenses that are considered suspicious, such as 23,100 euros in promotional items that were delivered to the party headquarters and which ones “appear to have been bought for the FN Congress [Front national] In Lyon” In 2014, that would have been 4,107 euros for a bottle of Beaujolais, according to the information media partdistributed by Bruno Gollnisch at the same congress.

Already charged

For her part, Marine Le Pen justified to OLAF the European nature of the events for which Parliament funds were used, or replied that she was not aware of certain alleged facts. His lawyer also informed media part What “ignore everything” the conclusions of the report, which were not reached “never had access”, while she is “Nevertheless, a particularly concerned person”.

The National Rally candidate has been charged since 2018 “Betrayal of Trust” and “Misappropriation of Public Funds” with parliamentary assistants. The investigation opened in 2016, based in part on an OLAF report, concerns a possible “systems” organized by the party and its president – ​​which they deny – to fund the salaries of its permanent staff from European Union funds, by diverting MPs’ envelopes reserved for the use of parliamentary assistants. The damage was estimated by the European Parliament at 6.8 million euros.

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