Mask singer: Kev Adams embarrassed in front of Sylvie Tellier, who throws embarrassing anecdotes around!

Since the start of the new season of mask singer, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun, Jarry and Kev Adams suspected Sylvie Tellier of hiding under the chameleon costume. This Friday, April 15, investigators found they were right. After discovering Pierre Palmade as a cosmonaut, Sylvie Tellier dropped her mask and was anything but disappointed: “You made me laugh so much, it all happened. I like ! I had a great time, I thought it was great! I love living experiences, I think it’s fantastic. It’s the magic of television.” The judges all had their word for Sylvie Tellier, even Kev Adams, whom she knows far better than the others.

Before Sylvie Tellier was officially unmasked, Kev Adams was already talking about the possibility of finding the director of the Miss France committee under the costume. A hypothesis that made him laugh, which apparently made him see all the colors a few years ago: “Kev, I already knew him. Everything he said was true said Sylvie Tellier. Every time I’ve encountered him, I’ve kicked him out of a room! That was true!“The 30-year-old comedian could only confirm these statements:”I confess that I didn’t know Sylvie at all in this regard, the comical respect, the chameleon respect. I knew Sylvie: ‘Kev, you have to go home now, that’s enough.'” Amused by the anecdote, Sylvie Tellier added a layer of it, saying she regularly asked him to stop.”scratch the window.”

It’s not Sylvie Tellier who wanted to join Kev Adams. In 2017, Gad Elmaleh’s best friend was in a relationship with Miss France 2016 and then Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere. A relationship that ended after a year of love. The ex-boyfriends got along well, as the main prospect claimed Paris match : “Even today we have a very beautiful relationship, I still have a lot of love for her. […] Talking about her on stage was also my way of making her understand that I’m very proud to have dated a girl like her.

Iris Mittenaere has since rebuilt her life. The beauty queen-turned-host on TF1 has shared the life of entrepreneur Diego El Glaoui for almost three years. Kev Adams is still single. Recently guest C to you, he was even reprimanded for openly flirting with his neighbor during Mohamed Bouhafsi’s chronicle. When it comes to love, Kev Adams is ready for anything.

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