Mask Singer: Who was hiding under the chameleon and the cosmonaut?

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Two new personalities had to take off their masks in the third part of “Mask Singer” on Friday evening on TF1: the chameleon and the cosmonaut.

For the third part of “Mask Singer”, Friday night on TF1, the crow was back. A crow that helps viewers find the competing personalities on the fringes of the clues already distilled in the video reports.

The first to expose himself is the cosmonaut. In the video, revealed before his performance and on stage, we could see seats, a rocket and a military jacket. We learned that he had met a band very early on. The cosmonaut performed “Le temps qui court” by Alliage.

For the jury members – Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams and Jarry – one thing was clear: the cosmonaut was comedian and director Pierre Palmade. The seats could be a nod to his play They Love Each Other; the band of his youth could be a reference to the TV show “La classe” in which he started and the song chosen a reference to the enfoirés. The cosmonaut was finally chosen to reveal himself: it was indeed Pierre Palmade! The jury was guided by his special tone of voice.

The second personality to take off their mask on Friday night was the chameleon. The video released before his performance showed a paparazzi. We could see a bathing suit in her suitcase. We learned that she had written books and that there were multiple nationalities in her family. Reference was made to Alain Delon. The crow finally revealed that the chameleon had been applauded at several zeniths. The chameleon performed “Résiste” by France Gall on stage.

In social networks, as for the jury, the chameleon hid Sylvie Tellier, the patron of the Miss France contest. The paparazzi and the bathing suit could be a reference to the Miss France pageant, Alain Delon has already chaired the jury of a Miss France pageant, a pageant already organized in several Zeniths in France. By taking off the costume and turning around, viewers could discover Sylvie Tellier’s face! To fool the jury until the end by taking her head off her costume, she wore a red wig.

Who are the other personalities?

New clues were revealed before each performance. A chance for viewers and judges to validate their ideas…or get a little more confused. Here are the most common theories:

  • The deer could be the actor Laurent Ournac
  • The crocodile would house singer Mika’s talents
  • The tree would cover singer Gilbert Montagné
  • The butterfly could be the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova
  • The banana would be the ex-Miss Valérie Bègue or the singer Nadiya
  • The pig could be Vincent Moscato or Yves Camdeborde

New personalities will be introduced next week.

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