Miss France’s boss swings in Mask Singer!

During Season 3 of mask singer In full swing on TF1, it was your turn to reveal yourself to the chameleon on Friday April 15th. The character who was among the eleven personalities on the show, hosted by Camille Combal, was none other than Sylvie Tellier. After last week’s Teri Hatcher, the ladybug who stunned everyone, the Miss France boss made a small impact… by tackling Kev Adams. Yes, because these two “already knew each other”. Kev Adams actually shared Iris Mittenaere’s everyday routine for a year in 2017, which forced him to rub shoulders with Sylvie Tellier. And the latter preserved not only good memories! “Kev, I already knew him”she smiled wisely at the beginning. “We know each other, she was my mother-in-law for many years”joked Kev Adams. When I first met him, I kicked him out of a room, so that was it.”, then the director swung. An anecdote that dried everyone including Camille Combal: “No, but it’s true she kicked you out of a room?”

“Kev, you have to go home now!”

Kevin Adams nodded. And to add:I confess to you that I didn’t know Sylvie at all in this respect. The jolly respect, the chameleon respect. I knew Sylvie from ‘Kev, you have to go home now’.And Sylvie Tellier to indicate: “Stop scratching the window, it wasn’t anymore!” Laughing, Alessandra Sublet remarked: “Well, she has two faces”. Two faces indeed, but the Miss France boss didn’t go so far as to lie to everyone around her about her participation Mask Singer: “I put my trust in a human being, it was my darling because I didn’t want him to think I had a lover“.

“I have a passion for the Misses”

In the second part of the debriefing, in Mask Singer, the investigation continues, Kev Adams couldn’t help but go back to his “Dedication” for the misses. “I dated a miss… two. Come on, three max.” But it’s not because he’s flirting, he assures. You’re letting me pass for little Charo (scavengers, editor’s note), but because i love it, i have a passion for Misses., he said. “I think it takes insane courage: you leave your village, you have to pass 14 elections before you become Miss France.” And to justify myself again: “People who have courage like that fascinates me, what can I do about it, Camille Combal?” Sylvie Tellier, for her part, reported on her experiences on her Instagram account.

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