Niantic’s Peridot: The super cute “Pokémon Go” sequels

Are you ready for the next summer hype? Game developer Niantic has already landed a mega hit with “Pokémon Go”. He now presents his latest project: the game is called “Peridot” and it looks a bit like a mobile version of the popular Tamagotchi.

cute monsters

Like Pokémon Go, Peridot is about cute monsters. The little dots have awakened from an age-old slumber and are now struggling to find their way into our world.

In the game (probably free for Android smartphones and iPhones), the user can take one of the adorable little monsters with him on his mobile phone. He must then take care of it, play with it and cuddle it regularly. A short video that Niantic just uploaded shows what it can look like.

For its new game, Niantic uses the latest augmented reality (AR) technology. This way, the dots can be placed on the camera image, and then they appear in the photos as if they were actually lying on the couch. But Niantic goes even further: the camera actually seems to recognize the content of the image in “Peridot”. We see several times in the film that the little monsters are not simply staged: they disappear behind objects or can walk around people.

But that’s not all: Niantic is also tinkering with its game by again asking players to hang out. This allows Dots to find treasure anywhere on earth. Nests for small monsters are provided at fixed locations. This is where another new mechanic comes into play: Apparently, it will be possible to come across small monsters. This creates new shapes for the little animals – and of course there are plenty of opportunities for players to interact.

Small monsters come to the user as babies and need to be raised and educatedFoto: Niantec

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Small dots come to the user like a baby, they need to be nurtured and nurturedPhoto: Niantec

When exactly “Peridot” should start is still unclear. In the announcement we speak of a “soft launch”, that is to say a start in stages. Niantic has yet to reveal when and where it begins. However, German users can hope for the video trailer: the game’s logo is displayed there in front of the Berlin skyline.

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