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Alexander Zverev is aiming for the first title in his adopted country. While the 24-year-old has already won the other two clay-court Masters in Rome and Madrid during his career, he is still waiting for the title in Monte-Carlo.

A success that Tsitsipas has ahead of him. The Greek won last year by beating Andrey Rublev in the final.

There are no clear favorites in today’s semi-final, we expect a close contest.

ATP Monte Carlo

Zverev after a semi-final thriller: Here’s how the thriller went against Sinner


Alejandro Davidovich Fokina and Grigor Dimitrov (from 1:30 p.m. in live scoring) determine the opponent in the final of the first semi-final.

The semi-finals between Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas in the live ticker:

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The game in the live data center

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 2: 6

And that was it! A double fault from Zverev gives Tsitsipas the match point. During the decisive blow, Zverev commits a fault too present today. The Hamburger lacks concentration on the net, the ball lands in the mesh again. Out of the dream! The title holder Tsitsipas is in the final!

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 2: 5

It looks bleak for Zverev. Tsitsipas wins his service game without any problem and does it 5:2. The game could end sooner than expected.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 2: 4

Zverev makes another incredible mistake! The German seems too imprecise at the net today and carelessly puts another ball in the net. This gives his opponent a break chance – which Tsitsipas does not let go! The world number 5 finally converts the first breakball and continues to extend the lead – 2:4!

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 2: 3

Tsitsipas has probably booked the express train and walks away – also thanks to an ace – at 40:0. Zverev then prepares briefly, but the Greek regains the advantage. It was quick.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 2: 2

It was hard work! Tsitsipas puts Zverev in position several times and effectively fights for the 40:40 after a spectacular exchange with Zverev. The German defended with full commitment on the net but had to admit defeat after an occasional backhand from Tsitsipas. But an ace gives the German that very important game point.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 1: 2

Tsitsipas makes a small mistake on the way back, which Zverev exploits to make it 15:0. However, the Greek recovered quickly and won five straight points to make it 2-1. Zverev wants to play the last ball past Tsitsipas in the net, but the attempt completely fails and ends up out of bounds.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 1: 1

Zverev is unimpressed by this and follows suit in his service game. Can the German now take matters into his own hands?

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6, 0: 1

There’s still no trace of the burglary. With an ace, Tsitsipas temporarily makes it 30-0 then forces Zverev to make a forehand error. Another ace decides the first game of the second set in favor of the world No. 5.

Tsitsipas gets the first sentence

Tsitsipas also secured the opening set against Schwartzman in the quarter-finals but crashed in an unprecedented way in the second half of the game. Bode well for Zverev?

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 6

And when Zverev comes back up, Tsitsipas strikes mercilessly. He takes his serve from the German and secures the victory of the first set of this semi-final with another break. Can Zverev recover like yesterday?

Zverev – Tsitsipas 4: 5

Tsitsipas also fell from 0:40 thanks to a double fault – four breakballs for Zverev! First, the Greek puts himself on hold with an ace, the second break point finally allows Zverev to shorten to 4:5!

Zverev – Tsitsipas 3: 5

Tsitsipas’ momentum is interrupted and Zverev is back. With the score of 40:15, he gives the Greek a little running exercise and completes it skillfully in the free left corner.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 2: 5

This time, Tsitsipas does not let the Hamburger come to the re-break and brings his proposal to the finish thanks to an ace. The Greek struggles at 5:2, a break could already end the first set.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 2: 4

Like yesterday, Zverev gives an incredible ball! The 24-year-old only has to hold the racquet at the net to secure the first point, but he sends the ball into the net. He makes the same mistake again right after. The German seems out of the game for a moment, but proves his strength and fights his way until 30:40. However, Tsitsipas converted his third break point after Zverev touched the net again.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 2: 3

The first point is decided at the net, Tsitsipas draws Zverev forward and keeps the upper hand in an entertaining exchange. Afterwards, the Greek didn’t miss a beat in his service game and secured his third game with the occasional ball just over the net.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 2: 2

Zverev has arrived in the game and completely upsets the rhythm of Tsitsipas. The Greek gets closer to the German thanks to two double faults from Zverev, but the Hamburger can no longer hold the match.

Zverev – Tsitsipas 1:2

Tsitsipas continues to set the tone and chases Zverev from corner to corner. However, the Greek chases two balls into the net, putting his opponent back in. Zverev fights for his break point, but carelessly gives it away. Still, he finishes the second attempt impressively – and mostly successfully – by charging Tsitsipas and securing the re-break!

Zverev – Tsitsipas 0:2

Zverev starts very badly and must serve immediately. He is then punished for certain inaccuracies and is completely lost. Tsitsipas throws himself into Zverev’s serves and repeatedly weaves his way out of the defensive end. The Greek ends the match with a magnificent ball in the left corner, Zverev stretches in vain. Break and advance 2-0 for Tstisipas!

Zverev – Tsitsipas 0:1

Tsitsipas serves the first serve and wants to draw Zverev straight to the net. This attempt fails and gives a 15-0 lead to the Germans. Zverev is not hiding in any way and responds to his opponent’s aggressive advance and as a result lands a tailor-made point in the left corner. But Tsitsipas does not let himself be disturbed and wins the first match. Now the service is in Zverev.

The players enter

Zverev and Tsitsipas enter the court – accompanied by applause from the audience. Can either of them find their way into the hearts of the public today? Quick reminder: Zverev not only played against Sinner in yesterday’s quarter-finals, but also against the whistles of the spectators.

Difficult start to the season

20 wins and seven losses for Tsitsipas, 17 wins and five losses in Zverev’s annual record. So far the stats might look more optimistic for both, a possible final in sunny Monte Carlo would likely make up for a lot.

Dedication and Willpower Could Be Crucial

As already stated, Zverev is currently not offering his best tennis. In recent matches, however, the Hamburg man has shown just how much he can achieve with his commitment and willpower. Can he also fight Tsitsipas? Or is it the end of the line in the semi-finals? Let’s find out.

The game will start soon

Davidovich Fokina has just won against Grigor Dimitrov in the first semi-final this afternoon. The Spaniard converted his second match point and secured his place in the final (6:4, 6:7, 7:5). Whoever catches him in the final will now emerge in the upcoming game.

Zverev wants to climb to the top

Even though his performances so far haven’t been convincing, today’s win for Zverev could bring his goal closer. If the German manages to win the tournament, he would be number 2 in the world rankings next week. But today he has to bring Tsitsipas to his knees.

Tsitsipas watches for inaccuracies

Everything was demanded of Zverev in the quarter-final against Jannik Sinner. Friday night’s three-sentence thriller pushed both players to their limits. Zverev even had to take a short break from treatment, his right thigh was giving him problems. Even if the world number 3 was wide awake in the decisive moments, she regularly made careless mistakes. Especially today, slip-ups like this could have fatal consequences. Tsitsipas showed excellent returning qualities against Diego Schwartzman and fought back after being down 4-0 in the third set and marched to victory with six successful matches in a row.

Zverev back in direct comparison

It is already the tenth duel between the two best players. Tsitsipas leads the direct comparison with 6:3. However, the latest game was decided by Zverev in his favour. The Hamburger beat the current world number five in 2021 in three sets in the semi-finals of the Cincinnati Masters. On clay, the Greek was ahead both times (French Open 2021, Madrid 2019).

Tsitsipas scores with Becker-Hecht – quarter-final show

Becker defends Zverev in Eurosport podcast

Becker sees Zverev’s misconduct as a mistake. However, the 54-year-old is annoyed that competitors such as Rafael Nadal or Casper Ruud felt called to publicly discipline the German. “What I don’t like at all is when other players criticize him. Everyone really has to stay with themselves and look in the mirror. We’re not all perfect, everyone panics and you don’t do that,” complained Becker. From his point of view, “tennis players are teammates too” and “you really shouldn’t comment publicly on the misbehavior of others. I think that’s wrong.”

  • Watch the full episode of Das Gelbe vom Ball here:

Zverev vs. Tsitsipas in the ticker: Welcome

Hello and welcome to the success of the semi-final of the Monte Carlo ATP Masters. Alexander Zverev Fight against Stefanos Tsitsipas to get to the final. Christoph Niederkofler ticks the game live for you from 3:30 p.m. Have fun!

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ATP Monte Carlo

Dominant appearance: Zverev advances to quarter-finals

04/14/2022 At 2:57 PM

ATP Monte Carlo

Tsitsipas scores with Becker-Hecht – quarter-final show


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