Presidential 2022: Ménard resigns, Le Pen denies any discomfort

BETWEEN TWO TOURS – Béziers mayor Robert Ménard, who is close to Marine Le Pen, will vote for the RN presidential nominee on April 24 despite his “disagreements” and will not speak again until the second round, he told AFP , confirmation of information from the World.

“I have disagreements with Marine Le Pen that I have never hidden. I no longer hear them repeating themselves with every media intervention. So I decided not to speak again until the second round,” he said.

“However, this is not an appeal to Emmanuel Macron. I will vote for Marine Le Pen,” the former President of Reporters Without Borders added on April 24. He agreed with the presidential candidate on the topics of vaccination against Covid and international politics, but not on immigration and security.

Interviewed by BFMTV on the sidelines of a trip to Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loir), Marine Le Pen denied any discomfort. “I had Robert on the phone who said he had no problem supporting me (…) but that he wanted campaign spokesmen to benefit from the time [de parole lui étant réservé]’ the candidate assured.

Disagreements about the war in Ukraine

Robert Ménard recently showed differences with Marine Le Pen, for example with his plan to ban the veil in public spaces. “It’s a mistake” and “unworkable,” he says.

Most recently, he was also able to distance himself from the candidate for the war in Ukraine. After Marine Le Pen’s press conference on Wednesday April 13 about his vision of French diplomacy, he told RTL that he disagreed with “a strategic rapprochement between NATO and Russia (…) once the Russo-Ukrainian war is over over”.

“Today bombs are falling on people, you will not talk to them about getting close to the guys who are the perpetrators of massacres, rapes and crimes against humanity. There is a real difference of opinion on this point. And to continue: “I told him again yesterday: what are you going to show yourself with [le premier ministre hongrois, Viktor] Orban? Orban is not a model of democracy”.

“If we have to agree 100% with a candidate, we don’t agree with anyone,” added Robert Ménard. I do the pros and cons. With Emmanuel Macron I find that there are black holes in what he has done in the five years worth not voting for him.”

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