Romain Mabille returns to the presidency of Collectif Ultras Paris

Romain Mabille has therefore decided to dive back into the bath of the presidency of the CUP. Two years after Nicolas Boffredo gave way, one of the founding members of the Collectif Ultras Paris is once again president of the main group of PSG supporters. Based at the Auteuil curve and with 2,800 members, the CUP is made up of seven entities. And despite some tensions that have arisen between some members of the collective in recent months, Romain Mabille was elected unanimously. His predecessor, Nicolas Boffredo, remains one of the directors of the collective and takes charge of the entertainment and tifos sector.

Romain Mabille, 34, was President of the CUP from 2016 to 2020. His return comes at a rather burning time between the club’s management and its ultras since the recent disappointment in the Champions League (last March). The President of Collectif Ultras Paris gave an interview to France Bleu Paris. He goes back to the banners and the press release against the club’s management, the whistles against certain players or even the PSG – OM on Sunday evening, where he confirms to us that the Ultras will not sing.

Why this return?

Quite surprising to find yourself back at the top of the CUP, why this return!? “I confess that I like it at first! It’s a position I like and I feel committed to the members for the first time since I left. Back then (2020) Nicolas Boffredo supported me by taking over and.” there it is up to me to support him. Today I have the capacity to take on this presidency and I am fully motivated. I confess to you that I left the 2020 presidency with a little bit of frustration because we had not achieved all our goals. So we will try to start over on a good basis and succeed much better because we have the skills, even better to become than what we’ve been doing from the start, I think.”

What happens to Nicolas Boffredo? “Bobo keeps a central role in the CUP. He takes charge of all the animation, all the tifos.”

This Saturday morning in The team newspaperthere is talk of a split within the CUP, do you confirm that? “I just want to point out that my choice was unanimous among the political groups representing the CUP. After that, surely some people are not satisfied with the choice made. But it seems to me that it remains on the sidelines since our office meeting on Wednesday I’ve gotten practically nothing but positive feedback, it’s certainly not a takeover by some people over others. The aim is to bring everyone together, to represent everyone, to defend the rights and interests of all people who make up the collective. The goal really is to bring people together, have a voice and be able to get the message across to the gallery as a whole.


Since PSG’s elimination from the Champions League on March 9th, the Collectif Ultras Paris have opted for a sing strike. What is your position on Sunday’s game against OM at the Parc des Princes? “I confirm it, we will be in the stands but there will be nothing new. We will remain in our positions. We remain with the same attitude as in the previous games for the simple reason that nothing has changed since our claims There is no communication at club level that has been made, no steps have been taken towards us, no announcements, no surveys, at player level nobody has come to discuss us or apologize, we have made a press release with demands : Nothing has changed at club management level We don’t feel the club’s will to move things forward We remain convinced of the good – based on our claims and we stand by our positions because we believe that what we ask for Only the best is for the club and as representatives of the stands, we cannot be satisfied with the current situation.”

Your attitude is – for some – incomprehensible, you are boycotting the most important game in Ligue 1 for PSG fans, against the opposing brother OM! “I hear, I can understand, and that’s why we’re speaking today and want to explain our position. PSG – OM is an important match for us in everything that involves messages across. It proves that the good of our club is more important than this type of meeting, we are willing to ignore that. Our demands, we believe they are justified, and we want to acknowledge the occasion. We hope that our demands will be taken more seriously. It is sad. We’re the first to be disgusted at not singing about this end of the year. We’re the first to be excited for the tenth title to come. Only that we cannot be happy in the current situation. We prefer to punish ourselves for the good of the club and hope things change than to go to the stadium and pretend nothing happened just because it’s Marseille.”

We understand that there is currently no dialogue with management. If the latter contacts you in the coming hours, could you change your mind about your approach to PSG – OM? “… I do not know. It also depends a lot on them because I feel like all the blame for this situation is on us. You should already know that since I took over the Presidency, I have sent a letter to President Al-Khelaïfi to try to restart dialogue and try to find solutions. Since the banners, we have been amazed at the club’s silence. Nobody spoke. Nobody tried to fix things. It’s a bit of ostrich politics where everyone stays on their side. But we fight to have guarantees and to end this movement. We will not come back if nothing has changed, otherwise this movement would have been useless. We are convinced of the validity of the movement. And we are convinced that things need to change at PSG. We stand by our positions, but we remain totally open to dialogue and totally open to finding solutions. If tomorrow we could get people back to the stadium, a happy end to the season knowing that the club’s history will be respected… We will be the first to return to the stadium to celebrate a title that comes very close to us hearts and it’s very important to us because it’s not just anything. And we’re just waiting for elements to bring people back to the stadium.

Banner, press release and whistles

During the game PSG – Rennes on February 11th, the CUP used many banners against the players, more or less well felt and perceived by the management, the women’s department. Do you regret this? “Regrets? No, because as I said, the anger in our heads is legitimate and there is nothing to regret because despite this we remain very measured. When I see what is happening in a large number of stadiums in France, I find that the People tend to behave very correctly year after year despite the sporting humiliations and the difficult moments There is no violence. OK, we’ve been a bit harsh on the demands, but we’re in the nails because we know that anything to the contrary would be counterproductive. We know that we are expected at the turn of our language. I take this opportunity to respond Registrations at Parc des Princes or Camp des Loges and as for the Kurzawa episode (offended by some supporters in the lodge camp), the CUP is absolutely not behind it. When we do things or act, we do it on our behalf, we don’t hide and I think we’ve shown everyone that we’re responsible enough not to do everything and nothing.”

In a statement after the elimination against Real Madrid, you called for the management’s resignation and much more… Do you think all your demands are legitimate? “It’s true we hit all the banners a little hard, a little far, but it’s a shout from the heart! It’s a lot of frustration at that time. Now we know very well that it’s not because we asked that everyone in the org chart will change. We’re still waiting for real elements, real changes. We are also waiting to be reassured about what will happen next. We know very well that they will not all be released because we asked for it. But there are real problems in the club, whether in the men’s team, in the women’s team, in the youth, in the commercial management. We are waiting for answers and certainties. We cannot be satisfied with the current situation. As for President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, we are not crazy, we know the role he played in bringing supporters back to the Parc des Princes. Everyone sees with concern that he is less present. We’re concerned to see his numerous mandates alongside PSG but beware we haven’t made him our primary target. But from the moment that certain things in the club have not worked for years, we are forced to wonder and worry about certain things. That’s all.”

The whistles against Messi and the heavy insults against Neymar during the PSG – Bordeaux game were singled out by the world press… “With the whistles against Messi and Neymar, it’s not just the collective whistling… There’s a part of the Parc des Princes. I think it’s not personally against the players, but for what ‘they represent. This club amass stars, high salaries on the field and it works more or less well. Example Neymar, we can see that he doesn’t give back on the pitch what we give him. We watch the Brazil games and we see what he’s doing in Paris and it’s frustrating. The Neymar we have in Paris is not the real Neymar! And on Messi, of course we’re happy to have Messi at PSG, but we want a Messi who can make PSG shine. That’s it, year after year, we’re told good news, great players, great things, but basically we’re not making that much progress. That’s the problem.

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