Salai at 2:0! SC Freiburg – VfL Bochum: Bundesliga live

Freiburg started the game with full force but also with maximum efficiency and quickly took a 2-0 lead against an overwhelmed Bochumer. In the aftermath, SC were clearly in the lead and were still closer to a third goal than VfL were to catch.

45 minutes (+2)Half-time in Brisgau!

45 minutesThe next good chance: Höfler steals the ball from Löwen in midfield, then SC are in a majority situation again – but Jeong does it himself and shoots just wide of the left post from 17 yards out.

42 minutesSoares with a cross from the left half, Polter maneuvers the ball towards goal at the near post, but also fouls Schlotterbeck. Freiburg free kick.

39 minutesJeong and Eggestein act as free spirits in midfield, where they can grow and do whatever they want. Bochum continues to have little to no access.

36 minutesAlmost 3:0! Freiburg combines easily through the half of Bochum, at the end Günter crosses sharply from the left in the sixteen, where Sallai climbs and passes just past the left post.

34 minutesEggestein also plays a hair-raising bad pass into midfield at the opponent’s feet – which also goes unpunished.

33 minutesPantovic unnecessarily at the feet of Kübler, who is looking for the way from the top to Petersen, but whose deep ball is intercepted by Leitsch.

31 minutesHalf an hour through. VfL Bochum are still struggling to keep up with Freiburg, but currently manage to at least prevent the next phase of pressure from the home side.

27 minutesPlenty of space for Grifo in the center of rim sixteen after Sallai served him. However, the Italian then wants to let a Bochum player off instead of finishing him straight away – the wrong decision.

25 minutesGrifo served the corner from the right and Petersen headed just wide of the left post not far from the penalty spot. Another great opportunity for the sports club.

24 minutesJust at the corner flag, Jeong puts a heel in the run of Sallai, who is blocked when Leitsch tries to cross – corner.

22 minutesThe first 20 minutes are over and SC Freiburg no longer presses the brakes. A truly furious start to the prank elf.

19 minutesLosilla tries it with an 18-yard kick – also not entirely harmless, Flekken parried VfL’s first corner.

17 minutes – GOOOOO!

Roland Sallay

Goooooooooooooor! FREIBURG – Bochum 2:0! It’s better and here we go again! Sallai won the ball himself with a tackle down the halfway line and then launched the counterattack for Jeong. On the right edge of the sixteen, Sallai is again the ball carrier and shoots into the left bottom with a solid shot.

16 minutesJeong gets hardly any resistance on the left edge of the penalty area, but then makes it a bit too bulky at the end – Riemann catches him safely.

13 minutesGünter energized after being called off by referee Stegemann in a duel with Stafylidis. And Streich on the sidelines is also terribly upset, so Stegemann comes out for a first clarifying conversation with the SC coach.

10 minutesBella-Kotchap and Soares join forces and double attack the lively Jeong on the flag from the left corner.

8 minutesKübler collects the ball on the right in the Bochum penalty area, Leitsch just manages to put his foot between the two and tips the ball to Riemann, who then clears it with a free kick.

7 minutesPrior to the match, Streich had stirred up fans who argued that support from the stands would also be crucial in the season finale. There you go – ignited by a noisy atmosphere, this love at first sight comes from the Brisgauois.

4 minutes – GOOOOO!

Luke Kuebler

Goooooooooor! FREIBURG – Bochum 1:0! The SC leads – and how! Höfler hits Kübler on the right with a wide shot. Completely forgotten by Soares, Kübler arrives at the end from the right position and welds the ball into the corner with a full instep, which is worth seeing – Riemann has no chance to defend.

3 minutesPetersen pushes at Freiburg for Eggestein, who keeps him flat from a sharp right angle – Riemann clears with a foot defense.

2nd minuteJust before kick-off, the Freiburg fan scene presented a chaotic choreography with lots of balls and portraits – but now it looks like half are on the pitch.

to start up

1 minuteKick-off at the Europa-Park stadium!

Before the start of the gameBochum recently proved against both European Cup contenders Leverkusen (0-0) and Hoffenheim (2-1) that they can more than keep up even against supposedly better sides. SC Freiburg, meanwhile, have lost just one of their last seven games (1-4 against Bayern Munich).

Before the start of the gameSpeaking of the cup: in addition to Bochum’s 2-1 victory over Freiburg in the first half of the season, the two adversaries also met in the cup quarter-finals. Final result of a hotly contested exchange of blows over 120 minutes: 2:1 for SC.

Before the start of the gameSC Freiburg is again significantly better as fifth in the table. “The fact is,” stresses coach Streich, “we’ve had a good season so far.” In addition to the possible fourth participation in the European Cup in the history of the club, there is also the possibility of reaching the final of the cup. In the semi-finals on Tuesday we will face HSV.

Before the start of the game“We want to take something with us and get closer to staying in the league,” the Bochum Polter striker said ahead of the away game in Freiburg. VfL currently sit in 12th place with 36 points, meaning a stable ten-point lead in the relegation table.

Before the start of the gameBochum coach Reis made just one change after the goalless draw against Leverkusen: Löwen replaced benched Rexhbecaj in the starting XI.

Before the start of the gameBochum starts with: Riemann – Gamboa, Bella Kotchap, Leitsch, Soares – Losilla, Löwen, Stafylidis, Pantovic, Asano – Polter.

Before the start of the gameAfter the 2-1 win in Frankfurt, coach Streich brings in Jeong and Petersen for Höler and Demirovic (both on the bench).

Before the start of the gameFreiburg begins with: Flekken – Kübler, Lienhart, N. Schlotterbeck, Günter – Eggestein, Höfler, Sallai, Jeong, Grifo – Petersen.

Before the start of the gameWelcome to the matchday 30 game between SC Freiburg and VfL Bochum in the Bundesliga.

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