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Stockholm- Disgusting excesses of violence are shaking Sweden!

Police cars burned in Linköping and Örebro on Thursday and Good Friday. A dozen police officers were injured, some seriously, by mostly young men. They apparently felt provoked by the planned Islamophobic and xenophobic demonstrations and the fact that they were approved.

This police vehicle caught fire during a counter-demonstration in Örebro.  Several police officers were injuredFoto: IMAGO/TT

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This police vehicle caught fire in Örebro. Several police officers were injuredPhoto: IMAGO/TT

The anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant group “Stram Kurs” (in German: hard course) had called for demonstrations and announced that they wanted to burn a Koran. Many Swedes were horrified and staged counter-protests.

Although the action ultimately did not take place, violent violence and rioting ensued. Already on Thursday, hooded people in Linköping attacked the police and broke the windows of emergency vehicles. The assailants reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” and two cars burned. Three injured police officers had to be taken to hospital. The “Stram Kurs” demonstration should have taken place in a neighborhood where a particularly large number of Muslims live.

Torn barricades, flames, violence.  Serious riots broke out in several Swedish citiesFoto: IMAGO/TT

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Torn barricades, flames, violence. Serious riots broke out in several Swedish citiesPhoto: IMAGO/TT

The situation worsened further on Friday, nine police officers were injured in Örebro. Police officers were hit by rocks and some had their arms broken, a police spokeswoman told the Aftonbladet newspaper. Four police cars burned in Örebro, police say up to 500 people were involved. Videos show how enraged hooded police tear down barricades, then throw heavy rocks at officers. The officials can hardly escape.

Does the action of the enemies of Islam justify these brutal attacks? “In Sweden, people have the right to express their opinion, whether good or bad, it’s part of our democracy,” Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said. Next: “No matter what you think, you should never resort to violence. We do not accept it and we will never accept it.

“Stram Kurs” is run by criminal lawyer and politician Rasmus Paludan (40). The Danish-born movement repeatedly draws attention in Scandinavia with xenophobic actions. The central demand is to expel from Denmark all persons of non-Western immigration.

Stram Kurs recorded another protest for today in the town of Landskrona.

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