Switzerland: doctors are perplexed


April 16, 2022 – 2:18 p.m. look

The desire was probably a little too great: a 20-year-old Swiss man masturbated so hard that he was taken to hospital with a serious lung injury. Doctors are puzzled because even the most experienced doctors have never seen anything like it!

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After the young man suddenly developed chest pain and shortness of breath while masturbating, he immediately went to the emergency room in Winterthur (Switzerland). Her face was swollen during the examination and grinding noises could be heard from her neck to her arms.

A subsequent corona test was negative and the man had also been vaccinated three times against SARS-CoV-2. A Covid disease could thus be ruled out, reports the online scientific database “Science Direct”.

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And in fact the diagnosis was quite different: the doctors diagnosed a “spontaneous pneumomediastinum” in the young Swiss. The air escapes from the lungs, is distributed in the chest and then escapes throughout the body. In the case of the 20-year-old Swiss, the air rose to the skull.

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Doctors at Winterthur Hospital do not know why this happened as a result of masturbation. It was the first time masturbation had triggered something like this. A pneumomediastinum would normally be triggered by strenuous exercise or violent fits of coughing, the scientific report continues.

Injuries usually do NOT occur after masturbation

A handful of cases have already occurred in connection with sexual intercourse, but never during or after masturbation. But what is his name? There is always a first time.

The young Swiss, whose name is not mentioned in the report, spent the night after the incident in intensive care. Moreover, he had to stay in the hospital for three more days so that the doctors could relieve him of his unbearable pain. (ahh)

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