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She shimmers and shimmers and hangs under the ceiling until it’s her turn. But above all: The disco ball brings good humor to your performance.

During her first performance, she convinced the fans so much that they immediately voted the disco ball for the next round.

► “The Masked Singer” has been airing since March 19, 2022 in the 6th season. There are a total of six shows to guess. 10 masks compete again. The big question is: which celebrity is in the elaborate masks?

It’s the disco ball costume

A sphere made of mirrors, but they are made of mirror sheet because of the weight. On her head she wears a pink headband made of colored stones. The headphones are also adorned with round rhinestones, the legs with sequins…

Dress master Alexandra Brandner and her team needed 500 hours of work for the funny round thing with the huge blue eye.

All the clues about the disco ball

The disco ball provides new clues to the celebrity’s real identity with each show.

▶︎ All hints of the latest episodes at a glance:

  • The disco ball is a woman.
  • The sparkling ball always puts you in a good mood.
  • The disco ball brings the 80s and retro vibe back to the stage.
  • It seems to have been known since the 80s.
  • The disco ball says goodbye with “Ciao, Kakao!”
  • It has already provided sparkling light on many dance floors.
  • She likes to share her knowledge. Little disco balls can learn from her.
  • The disco ball cannot be powdered before the show because it likes to shine during the show!

who is under the mask

With rare clarity, fans of ‘The Masked Singer’ suspect a certain singer in costume – is it really possible?

▶︎ Here are the best tips (as of April 11, 2022):

  • Jeannette Biedermann: 91%
  • Stefanie Kloss: 4%
  • Helene Fischer: 1%
  • Doro Pesch: 1%
  • Christina Bach: 0%

The disco ball performed these songs

The song selection also provides information about the celebrity behind the mask. The disco ball convinced the viewers and the jury with the following songs:

  • Episode 1: “I Will Survive” – ​​by Gloria Gaynor
  • Episode 2: “September” – of Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Episode 3: “Wild World” – by Cat Stevens
  • Episode 4: “Higher Power” – by Coldplay

Here you can watch a disco ball performance:

All information about the “Masked Singers”

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