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A star through – this is the starfish.

For a long time he was on the seven seas and dreamed of his own star on the “Walk Of Fame” in Hollywood. Now he’s venturing onto the stage of ‘The Masked Singer’ with lots of glitter in pink and turquoise

Here’s everything we already know about the starfish and the show.

✷ “The Masked Singer” starts on March 19, 2022 in the 6th season. Then there are six shows to guess. A total of 10 masks will compete. The big question is, which celebrity is wearing the elaborate costumes?

This is what the starfish costume looks like

It must be mobile and the star shape must remain clearly recognizable to all appearances. This is achieved primarily through the processing of lightweight plastic, which is otherwise used in space travel. The special thing about the starfish outfit: the mask fits perfectly into the costume. The head and neck are formed by one of the star points. The radiant eyes sit a little to the side.

400 hours of work were invested in the workshop of Alexandra Brandner and Marianne Meinl to make the star shine with as much meticulousness and beauty.

All the clues about the starfish

The starfish provides new clues to the celebrity’s real identity with each show.

▶︎ All hints of the latest episodes at a glance:

  • The starfish is a woman.
  • Found all the time and everywhere, but mostly goes unnoticed.
  • You can reserve his talent under “Rent A Seestern”.
  • When we need him, he is there.
  • His biggest dream: He finally wants to shine big.
  • The starfish is always very nervous when she performs because she doesn’t often sing!
  • The starfish is especially happy with the dancers during her performance.
  • The starfish really wants to hang on to “The Masked Singer” Wall of Fame!
  • Before, he always wanted to be a star in the sky, but now he realized he was already a star: a starfish!

Who is under the starfish mask?

The identity of the starfish is still top secret. Nonetheless, there are puzzles and speculation as to who might be beneath the sea creature’s shimmering mask. And of course there are a few favorites.

▶︎ Here are the tips from the puzzle community (as of April 11, 2022):

  • Josefine Preuss: 49%
  • Jasna Fritzi Bauer: 11%
  • Tahni: 8%
  • Evelyn Burdecki: 6%
  • Angelique Milster: 4%

Viewers are convinced: the starfish is a woman! However, the mystery of the mask won’t be completely solved until the mask is unmasked in Season 6.

The starfish sang these songs

The song selection also provides information about the celebrity behind the mask. The starfish convinced the viewers and the jury with the following songs:

  • Episode 1: “Maybe This Time” – by Liza Minnelli
  • Episode 2: “Masterpiece” – by Jessie J
  • Episode 3: “Fame” – by Irene Cara
  • Episode 4: “On The Floor” – by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull and “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman”

Here you can watch a starfish performance:

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