The most popular mod for Elden Ring offers you the easy mode, which many fans do not like drastically

As with many open-world RPGs, there is also a mod scene for Elden Ring. However, the most popular mod for the game is highly controversial: a homemade easy mode. MyMMO tells you more.

The Nexus Mods website is actually mostly associated with other open-world RPGs such as Skyrim or Fallout. But players will also find all kinds of mods and modifications for Elden Ring on this website, with which you can adapt your gameplay to your needs.

On Nexus Mods, players can download gameplay mods created by other fans for free. These mods can improve the graphics, change the balance a bit, or bring completely new mechanics and items into play.

The most popular mod for Elden Ring promises the drastic change that many players want but hardcore fans consider impossible: an easy mode.

Mod for “Easy Mode” comes in 3 versions

How does this mod work? User odashikonbu’s “Easy Mode for Elden Ring” mod says it has one goal: “to make the game easier for frustrated players.”

The mod is available in 3 versions:

  • Version 1 – Damage adjustments only:
    • The player takes 50% less damage.
    • You deal 25% more damage.
    • Your attacks have a double damage radius.
    • Healing and Mana potions are twice as effective.
  • Version 2 – damage adjustments and 10x runes:
    • All tweaks from version 1.
    • Additionally, players get 10 times more runes.
    • Weapon upgrades now only require a blacksmith stone.
  • Version 3 – Personal adjustments:

Whichever version of Easy Mode you choose, you’re missing out on one important thing: Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode.

Because for a mod to work you need to start the game in Steam without anti-cheat – which in turn automatically disables multiplayer completely.

Everything you need to know about multiplayer in Elden Ring

Easy mode for Elden Ring? This easy mode mod is currently the most popular Elden Ring download on Nexus Mods. It has already been downloaded over 50,000 times.

Due to the topic, this mod is also controversially discussed. In 500 Easy Mode Mod comments, a well-known question comes up again: can a game like Elden Ring even have an Easy Mode?

“I think I still have the real Dark Souls experience”

The discussion surrounding the Elden Ring difficulty is lively and well established. Ever since Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s first game of its kind, the community has argued over how beginner-friendly these games are.

We also asked you about the subject – with a clear answer. In our survey, 3 out of 4 MeinMMO users said they were against an easy mode:

Does Elden Ring need an easy mode? You have a clear opinion

In the comments on Nexus Mods, the discussions are also very lively. Back and forth between radical supporters and opponents of such changes is particularly frequent.

User rykentharr thanks the mod creator:

Thanks for this mod. It saved me a lot of work, stress and frustration. […] I’ve already beaten the game twice without mods and was completely mentally devastated. This mod made my third playthrough so much more bearable.

NaraApricots also writes:

Thank you very much for this! I’m a total beginner who’s never played a game that requires dodging as a key part of the game, so it saves me a lot of trouble and I can slowly get used to dodging.

I’m still dying a bit, and I was thrilled when I defeated Godrick. So I think I still get the real Dark Souls experience.

However, another user says, “You’re lying to yourself, but it’s okay”.

There are also a lot of rejections for this mod. AFlyingWilly101 says something like:

git gud, holding hands like a baby is not how the game is supposed to be played. You can honestly make it easier for yourself just by playing the game and exploring the world a bit lmao

What do you say about this mod? Do you think this is appropriate, or does this contradict the “philosophy” of Souls games? Do you think users of this mod still have the “real” gaming experience? Let us know in the comments.

MeinMMO author Christos Tsogos recently introduced another kind of “easy mode” – his incredibly powerful mage build:

Elden Ring: The Best Mage Build – How to Build Your Own Easy Mode

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