The Nintendo Switch loses one of its exclusives with these PS5, Xbox and PC editions

Gaming News The Nintendo Switch loses one of its exclusives with these PS5, Xbox and PC editions

Nintendo’s flagship console is set to lose one of its latest exclusives with the announcement of No More Heroes 3 on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. The title of Grasshopper Manufacture, directed by Suda51, marks the final gossip for irreverent assassin Travis Touchdown.

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No More Heroes is a unique video game license in more ways than one. Both a true Beat’em All Barred and a total parody of the medium, the saga created by the famous Suda51 has captured the minds of many gamers. For better or for worse.

Originally, the first work tells the story of Travis Touchdown, a lazy otaku who wins a “beam katana,” a type of lightsaber, at an online auction. Completely ruined, he decides to make some money from the art of assassination and then begins his crazy adventures between epic confrontations and moments of utter absurdity.

A fairly divisive license on the critical side, No More Heroes remains an original video game object due to its pervasive humor and multiple references to video games and cinema. The protagonist, a sort of goofy and lovable anti-hero, is one of the saga’s true strengths. With No More Heroes 3, Travis Touchdown resists one last time before finally giving up his arms.First released on Nintendo Switch in August 2021, this third work offers the luxury of a multi-platform port to Playstation, Xbox and PC.

Several digital and physical editions in preparation

Not really well received by critics, No More Heroes 3 will make its final appearance on the platforms mentioned above. Scheduled for late 2022, this release will come in the form of two editions, including a physical one that will include a 70-page artbook, a CD containing the soundtrack’s tracks, as well as a license plate straight from Santa Destroy City Travis. Everything is contained in a box illustrated by Yūsuke Kozaki, the saga’s character designer.

On the new page in the gamewe note the arrival of improved graphics, a better frame rate, as well as faster loading times. Normally, to afford this day-one edition, you have to pay €59.99. Pre-orders aren’t open yet, and the release date is yet to be determined.

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