The Voice – Opposite Pauline, Vianney decides to eliminate Henry, outraging netizens

Surprise exit from “The Voice” tonight: Vianney has split from Henry. (TF1 screenshot)

This Saturday, April 16th, TF1 will air the third to last episode of The Voice season 11 battles! After this last stage, the last eight protégés of Amel Bent, Vianney, Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine will continue their adventure and get a little closer to the climax of the 2022 season of the famous Tele-Hook presented by Nikos Aliagas. One moment was particularly awaited: the duel between Pauline and Henry from the Vianney team. The two candidates delivered a grandiose interpretation of “Je vole” by Michel Sardou. That interrupted moment, considered by netizens to be the “most beautiful fight” of the season, resulted in Henry’s elimination. An elimination that was heavily criticized by the Twittos.

A moment out of time. This Saturday evening Nikos Aliagas and the four judges from “The Voice” experience the ultimate battle night. The final will take place in a few weeks: after the outcome of the battles, half of the talents of Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine, Florent Pagny and Vianney will leave the adventure. So that’s eight candidates who can continue the famous singing competition. This evening’s talent includes Pauline and Henry from the Vianney team. During the blind auditions, these two young contestants shocked the audience and their future coach: Pauline, accompanied by her brother, himself a contestant, had delivered an intense cover of Julien Clerc’s Useful. Henry, meanwhile, had touched Vianney’s heart with his take on Yseult’s “Indélébile,” a soulful nod to his little brother who had died a year earlier. On the occasion of the Battles, Vianney therefore decided to face these two talents: “These two I ask them to sing together because they have a common light”, explains the coach, confident that the idea of ​​experiencing a real “breaking head” this confrontation to organize. Vianney hesitated between two songs, “L’Aigle noir” by Barbara and “Je vole” by Michel Sardou, and finally made up his mind, offering his duo to interpret Michel Sardou’s title, which Louane successfully took over. A decision that pleased Henry… but not Pauline: “I’m disgusted to do this song. complains the young Belgian.

VIDEO – Discover the Vianney Minute

“Fed up with incompetent trainers!”

“You would be a duo in life, that wouldn’t surprise me!” Vianney starts to his two talents, a few seconds before the broadcast of their performance. In fact, Henry and Pauline provided one of the best moments of this eleventh season of The Voice. This duel, described by Florent Pagny as a “little jewel”, moved the entire jury and the entire audience on the set. “I can’t talk too much,” Vianney explains, her voice shaking. Her coaching friends unanimously favored Pauline’s performance. The “Beau-Papa” interpreter visibly shared her opinion by deciding to continue the adventure with Pauline. Until the end, Internet users believed that Henry was drafted by the other coaches. Vain. Henry actually left the adventure. This decision by Vianney deeply outraged Internet users.

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