This is why running matters to humans

Dhe daily life of the long-time German marathon record holder is currently determined by heart problems – but not his own. Arne Gabius is a doctor. Doctor Arne Gabius, 41, works as an assistant doctor in a hospital department of gastroenterology and cardiology. Gabius sees “a lot of sick people” every day, and with many patients in “internal medicine”, he has the urgent suspicion that a little more sport would certainly have been good for their lives. “A lot of people don’t understand the movement,” says Gabius.

As a licensed doctor and former professional runner, best marathon time 2:08:33 hours, he looks at the problem of society as a whole from two disciplines. “Society has become too comfortable,” he says. He experiences the result in his service. It’s so easy to prevent. According to Gabius, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends “150 minutes of sport per week” to strengthen the heart, circulatory system and immune system.

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This does not mean high level sport: “From the age of 65, each step counts, each step. The simplest form of human movement is running. “Birds fly, fish swim, man runs,” said legendary long-distance Olympic champion Emil Zatopek in the 1950s. And running is easy: put on your shoes and go. It doesn’t take much preparation, no expensive equipment. Not even a sports field. Anyone can run, almost anytime and almost anywhere.

The only basic requirement in terms of equipment is good running shoes. “As injury prophylaxis – and to make it more fun,” says former European 10,000 meter champion Jan Fitschen. The 44-year-old calls for advice in a sports shop and, in the best case, for a running analysis. It doesn’t matter that running pants and shirts match the trend of the moment and the color of the season.

Respect the bad luck rule!

Even the material, cotton or synthetic, is negligible. The sole of the shoe should have good cushioning so that the goodwill does not end in orthopedic diagnoses. And after about 800 kilometers, according to the expert’s recommendation, jogging shoes should only be used for walking or gardening.

Arne Gabius, passionate runner and doctor:

Arne Gabius, passionate runner and doctor: “Let go and start running”

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Knee pain, Achilles tendon irritation and “shin splints”, where the periosteum is overused, are the most common symptoms in runners who have overdone it. Problems usually result from overzealous amateur runners who are too performance-oriented and tend not to affect beginners. Acute orthopedic problems are rare.

The only thing to consider is the risk of twisting your ankle when running faster on uneven forest floors. Anyone who encounters such an incident should follow the “UNKIT rule”: take a break and do it immediately. Application of ice to constrict blood vessels. Compression to protect injured structures. Elevation to reduce blood flow.

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