Training Ukrainian soldiers: return of British special forces to kyiv

Training of Ukrainian soldiers
Return of British special forces to Kyiv

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea, British troops have been training the Ukrainian army. When war broke out in February, however, they withdrew for fear of an escalation. Meanwhile, Ukrainian recruits are once again receiving support from one of the oldest and best special forces in the world.

A special British Army unit apparently returned to Ukraine at times. The British “Times” reports, citing Ukrainian commanders, that Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers are training Ukrainian troops for the first time since the start of the war. Two battalions stationed in and around the capital kyiv have been trained to use NLAW anti-tank missiles that Britain supplies to Ukraine.

According to the report, the training mission took place last week and the week before. The lecture was intended for new and returning Ukrainian army recruits. “They were good guys, the Brits,” one commander told The Times, quoting a commander. “They invited us to visit them when the war is over.”

The SAS are among the oldest and best special forces in the world. Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, they regularly travel to Ukraine to train the army. However, they were withdrawn in February to avoid direct conflict with Russian troops and to minimize the risk of being drawn into NATO combat.

Training with Youtube

According to the Times, the UK Ministry of Defense has neither confirmed nor denied the information. However, it is known that former British soldiers have been in Ukraine for a long time to train Ukrainian troops for free or for a fee. According to the report, however, Ukrainian commanders point out that the most recent training was carried out by serving British officers.

Britain had already delivered more than 3,600 so-called NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in early March. “They are a great help,” the newspaper quoted one of the commanders in kyiv as saying. “But the troops who know how to use them are deployed in other parts of the country. So we had to teach ourselves how to use them on YouTube. But now the British have trained us very well.”

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