Ukrainian War: Scary Crematorium Rumors About Russian Army

It’s one of the most chilling accusations to date: Russian invaders are allegedly using mobile crematoria as they advance into Ukraine – to burn corpses and cover up their crimes.

But what is the truth of the statement?

In the besieged city of Mariupol, where, according to official figures, 20,000 inhabitants have already been victims of the Russian attack, mobile incinerators must cremate the bodies of the inhabitants. It’s about destroying evidence of war crimes.

At least that’s what Wadym Bojchenko, the city’s mayor, and other members of the city administration suspected.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said at the time that mobile incinerators were seen in the wake of the Russian army shortly before the start of the war. It was a “frightening idea” that the Russian armed forces apparently wanted to cover their own losses by burning fallen Russian soldiers.

In reports about this, a photo of such a mobile crematorium appeared again and again.

But are they actually used to burn people?

According to information from BILD, German security circles are skeptical. Defense experts from the federal government wanted to shed light on the rumors.

Result of the investigation: Although mobile crematoriums do exist, they are designed to contain animal diseases: the carcasses of infected animals are burned there, but not completely incinerated, as this is not necessary.

Experts have also calculated the performance of these mobile crematoria. Result: the energy required to completely incinerate a human corpse can hardly be achieved with such a mobile system.

According to the current state of knowledge, it is unlikely that mobile crematoria will be used to conceal the death toll in Mariupol – especially since the Russian armed forces make little effort to erase the traces of their crimes.

Instead, these are simply challenged and denied, even when the victims openly lie in the street, as in Bucha.

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