Volleyball – Narbonne-Sète case: Narbonne Volley reveals images of the attack suffered by its sports coach

In a press release published this Saturday, Narbonne Volley revealed video of the attack on his athletic trainer, Leandro Lardone. The facts emerged on Thursday evening after the end of the third game of the quarterfinals of the championship in Sète, while the Héraultais had won 3-1.

This Saturday afternoon, Narbonne Volley published a press release on its social networks containing the video of the attack on its sports coach, Leandro Lardone. Unbelievable images taken from a simple volleyball match counting towards the quarterfinals of the French championship.

To give context, the Sète club pointed out that Narbonne Volley’s fitness coach, Leandro Lardone, did not have permission to step on the parquet floor of the Barrou high school. Throughout the game in the stands, the Argentine naturally came down at the end of the game to see his players. But things didn’t go as planned. A security guard denied him access to the property and everything degenerated in no time. With serious consequences: “Leandro Lardone was attacked by a member of the Arago de Sète security forces and knocked unconscious with 2 blows to the face. No first aid service was present in or around the room, no one came to inquire about Leandro Lardone’s condition enquire. who fell to the ground and was unconscious for a few seconds”it says in the NV press release, which also says so Allan Verissimo and Rafael Araujo (two players, editor’s note) were injured by the security service of the Sète club.”

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In this message, the Aude Club would like to say “STOP the violence and call for collective consciousness to defend an idea of ​​volleyball and sport in general”. For this reason, the Centurions did not want to play the fourth round, which was to take place this Saturday evening in Sète, despite the closed session decreed by the National Volleyball League. The latter confirmed the withdrawal of Narbonne Volley this Saturday afternoon and announces that the fifth round, the decisive game, will take place on Wednesday (7.30 p.m.) at the Arena de Narbonne. But a lot can happen before then…

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