what to remember from the day of April 15

So far, the Pentagon has refrained from commenting on the cause of the sinking of the “Moskva”., Russian flagship in the Black Sea that sank while being towed on Thursday evening. Finally, on Friday, April 15, a senior Pentagon official broke the silence and supported the version put forward by Kyiv. “We guess they hit it with two Neptunes,” two Ukrainian missiles, he told some reporters. A version contradicting that put forward by Moscow, which claims it was their flagship “badly damaged” by a fire. The number of victims of this attack is still unknown. Franceinfo takes stock of what to remember from that day.

Kyiv threatened again

Is it in retaliation for the attack on the “Moskva” that the armed forces are stepping up their attacks on Kyiv? It’s difficult to know right now. Russia has announced that it has destroyed an arms factory that makes Neptune missiles in a Kyiv suburb. She also assured that strikes in the Ukrainian capital were intensifying. It’s officially for Answer to “Attacks” on Russian territory, which she accuses of Ukraine.

Zelenskyj highlights the Russian nuclear risk

That’s what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said “the whole world” should be “concerned” the risk that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, cornered by his military setbacks in Ukraine, might resort to a tactical nuclear weapon. He’s not the only one. On Thursday, US foreign intelligence chief William Burns said it wasn’t necessary “Take the threat of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons lightly” From where “low current” by the Russian President if he should “fall into despair” confronted with the failure of his army.

New victims in Kharkiv

A new report shows at least 10 dead and 35 wounded in Russian bombing raids on a residential area in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, the regional governor said. An initial assessment reported in the morning The death of “seven people, including a seven-month-old infant”.

On the Russian side, the Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed that Russian artillery caused the deaths of about thirty people “Polish Mercenaries” in Northeast Ukraine. An announcement that risks exacerbating already high tensions between Moscow and Warsaw.

Moscow expels 18 EU officials

In retaliation for a similar move by Brussels in early April, Moscow announced the expulsion of 18 diplomats from the European Union’s representation in Russia. The European Union, for its part, has judged “unjustified” this expulsion, believe that it would only be“aggravate” the international isolation of Moscow.

Finland’s NATO candidacy ‘very likely’

Will Finland finally join NATO? He is “most likely” that the Scandinavian country is submitting a candidacy along these lines, said Finnish Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen on Friday. Nevertheless, “The decision has not been made yet”, the minister added on UK broadcaster Sky News. It must be said that Russian diplomacy warned Finland and Sweden that such a measure would have consequences for those countries and European security.

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