WhatsApp announces a bunch of new features, here is the list

Do you use WhatsApp at the university to organize yourself with other students or to chat with your family via a group chat? WhatsApp wants to improve this type of communication in the application and announces that Start communities.

“We have found that WhatsApp is widely used by certain communities to communicate and organize. Some structures, like schools, local clubs or non-profit organizations, now rely on WhatsApp to communicate securely and organize themselves.”explains WhatsApp in a blog post.

WhatsApp introduces a number of features centered around communities

And to add the phenomenon “since the pandemic has increased, which has forced us to find creative solutions for collaboration despite the distance”. According to its own statements, WhatsApp wants to take account of communities “many reviews” of its users, who sometimes criticize the application for the lack of certain useful features that can be found on competing solutions, iMessage or Telegram in particular.

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Communities actually allow you to bring multiple “groups” or discussions together under the same page. As explained by WhatsApp, “Members can receive announcements that are sent to the wider community while chatting in smaller groups created around specific areas of interest.”. These groups will be easier to manage thanks to the introduction of a number of new features.

For example, it will be possible React with a simple emoji to messages, as is the case with competing applications. Administrators canDelete inappropriate messages or problematic for all panellists”, WhatsApp details. that data exchange improves in particular with a limit that goes to 2 GB “to facilitate cooperation”.

Finally, that Group calls can now include up to 32 participants. WhatsApp emphasizes that these communities are private spaces, protected as always by end-to-end encryption. A priori, these communities have been in use for a few hours without knowing whether the change is purely server-side or whether a new version of the application will be available.

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If in doubt, try updating WhatsApp to see if the community feature is available on your device. What do you think of these new features around communities? Share your opinion in the comments.

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